How to go to live in Germany?

Went to Germany, a country that provides a good environment for expatriates and business training, the dream of many Russians. But someone scares the life in a foreign country among strangers, someone said that to get a residence permit in Germany (and other European countries) is very problematic. Nothing complicated! Now that was gone the proverbial "iron curtain", to go live in Germany can each Russian. The only significant limitation: you can not live in Germany, having a criminal record. Citizens who do not have problems with the law in their own country, in Germany, you can find an opportunity to gain a foothold and to become a full citizen of this wonderful country.

To obtain a residence permit easier
Get a temporary (until) a residence permit in Germany (residence permit) can be the following categories of citizens:
  1. Those who have a legitimate husband ( wife ) , a German citizen . By the way, in case of sudden divorce people can stay if you want to live in a country if he lived with a German citizen
    three years in law ( registered ) marriage and can provide for themselves , that is , it has a permanent job.
  2. Persons wishing to study at German universities.
  3. Business immigrants.
Citizens of Russia can be purchased at normal conditions in Germany a house or an apartment , obtaining a residence permit . Buying a property is not a commitment. But the payment of contributions to the social security system - a condition necessary to remain in the country for a long time !

Generally, a residence permit (permit) in the country can be term and demand.

What is the temporary residence permit
Obtaining a temporary residence permit the Russians to remain in the country for some specified period . Suppose the Russians in Germany would like to receive quality higher education . Then , subject to successful completion of any entrance tests a person can be here until graduation. And the term given to a possible preparation for exams - it could reach two years.

Foreign students in Germany can get a good job . Yet there may be limitations: the full working day , you can work only 90 days per year, with incomplete - to 180. After graduation , the former student can extend his temporary residence up to a year in order to successfully find a suitable job . If a young man originally wanted to go to live in Germany for a long time , he will have to find a job in their field .

The spouses of German citizens, too, first a fixed-term residence permit.

What kind of indefinite
Unlimited residence permit gives the full right to live in Germany for a lifetime , and find a good job here . To seriously apply for authorization from the authorities of the country need to live in Germany with her husband , a German more than 3 years. Another option - to live on a temporary permit ( this , for example, to study at university or work) for more than 5 years. Refuse to grant an indefinite residence permit to those who have problems with the law and does not have a stable permanent income . It is necessary to pass the exam to own colloquial German .

Big benefits in obtaining a residence permit of indefinite apply to children who upon reaching the age of 16 lived in the country for more than five years.

Highly qualified specialists invited to Germany for a permanent job, indefinite kind issued immediately.