How to pass a train ticket?

Situations where the ticket has to take on the transport arise quite often. There are several reasons. Tickets pass often, those who bought them in advance, say, on a train going to the popular resorts. They promised to man on the vacation from the first of July, so he ran in late May to buy a travel document, as long as there are good places to compartment carriages. But had to postpone his own vacation at another number and have to take a ticket at the cashier. How to pass a train ticket, without losing a lot of money, because the foreign resorts travel will be more expensive than a trip within the country?

Identifying with the cost of travel
From any railway station there are rules return ticket. Usually they are placed on the stands near the banks. The rules of ordinary travelers meet strange terms : "the cost of reserved seat ", " ticket price " . One often finds that these two terms - it is the same thing . Of these, the sum total cost of travel . Find this value is simple: it is indicated in the last
line of any travel document. And the cost of the ticket - it is actually the sum of the transport of passengers by rail. It is written in the first lines .

But the term " cost of reserved seat " shows the amount of sleeping space . Passengers are sometimes confused the word " reserved seat " with second-class carriage , but in fact they are different concepts. The word " reserved seat " tickets are on sleeping and compartment cars .

Passengers with reserved seats on international flights usually provide free bedding, sometimes even a little breakfast.

When advantageous to donate tickets
To return the ticket , you need a document certifying the very identity of the passenger. Ushers at railway stations with more confidence in the passport. Upon delivery of the tickets a few days or hours before the previously planned trip can be quite count on the refund of the full fare . It happens that the plans changed dramatically. Permission is granted to deliver a train ticket to a period of eight to two hours before the departure of the train from the platform , then the guaranteed return and the cost of the ticket , and fifty percent of the cost of travel.

As to the origin of the vehicle is less than two hours, or for half a day (twelve hours) after the train horn emits a farewell, the cashier will return only the cost of the ticket.

How to be in emergency situations , when a person who buys a ticket gets to the hospital? Well, illness or injury - justifiable reason . In the passenger has failed for five days to go to the cashier , where asked to present a medical certificate confirming illness. The cost of return ticket . If a person can not do on their own to go to the station, return the ticket for a friend or relative can that will bring in cash passport and a power of attorney from the notary .

You can return the ticket queue.

The passenger will lose at the time an international ticket more than the return ticket for vehicles plying in the country. But on the train ticket can only pass when moving commuter train departure time by more than an hour . If you are sorry for the money spent on the ticket in a suburban office , you can try to drive up to the counter and sell the ticket to another passenger .

Can you pass the electronic ticket
Tickets ordered online , you can pass ! Note that cashiers accept only paper documents , so print the ticket at the ticket office or self-service terminal . To pay for the ticket by credit card ? The money you will transfer it away.

Of course, pass an electronic ticket on the train can get money for general conditions.

How to pass a ticket in another state
Assume a situation where you just bought tickets to the resort " round-trip " . But in another country , assume in Ukraine , had to leave early. You give a ticket to the railroad station , but the money will not be returned . Tickets bought in Russia in rubles, Ukraine will not be counted on the hryvnia . They give the cashier station, where you buy a ticket .