How to get the desired direction of the university?

The target direction to the university solves two challenges : the problem of skills shortages of some public sectors (such as medicine and agriculture) and individual private enterprises , as well as enables wishing to get higher education for free, but with certain obligations. Get the target direction to the university - a real chance for a successful receipt of the applicant's receipt of the demand , and specialty . In addition, these students do not need to worry about finding further employment.

Types of target areas and its features
Depending on the basis of these two types of target areas:
  1. The direction of the local administration.
  2. The direction of the company or organization interested in your candidacy.
Applicant comes to school with the results of the exam and the direction that allows him not to participate in the general competition . The contest is held special among tselevikov . If the student passes the entrance test , further studies it pays for the selected organization or allocate funds fr
om the budget. After graduation, the student agrees to work in the organization of a certain number of years or reimburse the cost of his training .

Usually school allocates target space and can reduce them if the participants targeted program a little but increase the space are not allowed . The pass mark for the program is lower than the overall competition . And the number of people in place is basically 1.5-2 .

How to get the desired direction
To get the desired direction for admission to the university, you need to pre-select a company that is ready to provide a workplace, and collect the necessary documents:
  • a statement indicating the student data, the number of schools and classes, the desired specialty and university;
  • characteristics of the school principal;
  • petition the organization, ready to vouch for you.
These documents should be sent to local authorities and wait for the approval of the application. All the collected application administration sends to the school . In order to have time to get the desired direction of the university , you need to start training no later than winter.

For admission to the university for the program must provide a standard package of documents plus the target agreement concluded between the institution , the applicant and the employer. If you suddenly applicant failed the test , he can try to re- enroll in the university common thread. This nuance should be considered in a statement.

Advantages and disadvantages of the target formation
Advantages target set substantial:
  • simplified procedure for admission, that is, the chances of successfully passing the test are high;
  • the student's place of work is predetermined.
But the pros and cons of stem . No one knows how the rest of his life for the last five years . Perhaps the student will find a more profitable and suitable place of employment . But to get there not to work as specified in the contract term, which the student is obliged to work in the organization, pay study . Out of the situation is: to recover all the costs of organization , together with penalties (all specified in the contract) or hire an experienced lawyer to solve your problem .