renal colic Doctors believe one of the most severe pain, possible in humans, and they completely agree those patients who had a chance to know what it is.Kidney stones are a common cause of renal colic - an attack of acute pain caused by the inability of the normal flow of urine from the kidneys.Stone stuck in the ureter and partially or completely partitions off him, besides hurting surrounding tissue by their firm and, sometimes, sharp edges.Folk remedies can help to get rid of kidney stones, but it is important not to hurt yourself in their application.We will tell you what you should pay attention to the treatment of kidney stones folk remedies.

symptoms of having kidney stones and possible treatment of folk remedies

Although the exact causes of kidney stones doctors still argue, it is known that their appearance cause a variety of metabolic disorders.Such violations can be very different, and accordingly, the stones also have different chemical compositions.The goal of treatment - partly dissolv

e and bring stones from the body, and it can be achieved by means of a wide variety, including the methods of traditional medicine.

Application folk remedies can bring great relief, but may on the contrary, provoke a painful bout of kidney stones.The thing just in a different part of the stones - that means that one person has helped them to dissolve, others may cause the opposite effect.Before choosing a folk remedies for treatment, you need to find out exactly what type and size of your kidney stones.

Kidney stones - the disease is not only difficult and unpleasant, but also long-term.Even if you got rid of them, such as by surgery, a high probability of re-education, the disease tends to recur.Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies

allow to suspect the presence of stones:

  • clouding of urine
  • too frequent urination with small amounts of urine leaving
  • general deterioration, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sometimes painful urination
  • high temperature (up to 38-40 degrees)simultaneously with the appearance in the urine similar to sand or sediment rising stench of urine
  • appearance of blood in the urine
  • appearance of pain in the groin, abdomen, lower back or under the ribs (side or from the back)
  • change in pain intensity with frequency of 20minutes to an hour
  • new or worsening pain after exercise, high fluid intake or taking diuretic medications

However, to determine whether it is kidney stones, as well as to clarify their nature and extent can a doctor.The fact that these symptoms are common to a number of diseases, some of which require urgent intervention of the surgeon.So, first of all - an urgent trip to the doctor, and only when the diagnosis of urolithiasis is not doubt, you can begin to think about the choice for its treatment of folk remedies.

What stones can form in the kidneys?

Any resulting kidney stone - a mixture of organic matter and insoluble mineral salts.With the help of folk remedies can achieve the destruction of the stone, and relatively safe removal of its residues in the urine.However, the solubility and form stones depend on their composition.

most common stones:

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies

  1. calcium oxalate stones. This dense black education with spikes on the surface, consisting of a salt of oxalic or ascorbic acid.Dissolve it is impossible, large stones are removed surgically.Sometimes folk remedies can achieve a natural excretion of oxalate in the urine, but only as long as they are very small.Usually folk remedies used to reduce the risk of re-formation of such stones.
  2. phosphate stones. soft and loose, smooth, white stones from the salts of phosphoric acid.They are fairly easy to dissolve, including folk remedies, and respond well to treatment with the help of a special diet.
  3. carbonate rocks. soft smooth white stones consist of calcium salts of carbonic acid.They also dissolve very easily, and by the same means as the phosphate rocks.
  4. urate stones. Brown rounded education, consisting of uric acid salts.They are readily soluble and amenable to different types of treatment.Sometimes, to get rid of uric acid stones fairly regular diet.
In 70% of cases of kidney stone disease produced oxalate and phosphate stones.In half the cases the different types of kidney stones are detected simultaneously.If a small stone left you in the urine, be sure to take it to your doctor for analysis - it will help to determine its type and assign the necessary treatment for you.

much rarer stones other species:

  • struvite or "renal coral" - sometimes referred to as contagious as formed under the influence of harmful bacteria
  • cystine and xanthine - their education is governed by hereditary injuries metabolism of amino acids
  • cholesterol - composed entirely ofcholesterol

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies

special diet during treatment of kidney stones

Kidney stones - one of those diseases where treatment success depends on the correctness of the chosen diet.Feeding habits affect the appearance of the stones, so that the nutritional therapy - one of the ways that you can contribute to their own recovery.

diet in the treatment of calcium oxalate stones

oxalate stones are formed as a result of the consumption of foods that contain a lot of vitamin C, and a lack of vitamin B6 and magnesium, so one of the risk groups are the so-called lovers of healthy lifestyles consuming huge amounts of carrots, beets, leafyvegetables and citrus fruit, but not enough meat.The emergence of phosphate and carbonate rocks are very likely those who prefer other dairy foods, as well as vegetarians.Urate stones (often with gout) threaten the contrary, those in whose diet overabundance of animal protein, especially in combination with alcohol.Accordingly, therapeutic diet will include the usual change style food.

If you were formed in the kidney oxalate or carbonate rocks, so adjust the diet:

eliminate or reduce

  • vinegar
  • beet salad
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • sweet pepper
  • Pulses: beans, peas, lentils, green peas, green beans
  • rhubarb
  • spinach
  • sorrel
  • parsley
  • cod
  • salty bacon
  • smoked meat and fish broth
  • aspic, jellied
  • citrus,especially lemons
  • baking
  • strong tea
  • home-made, in which ascorbic acid is used as a preservative


  • boiled meat boiled sausage
  • baked fish
  • boiled, then baked bird
  • boiled potatoes
  • cabbage: cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower
  • pear melon
  • quince
  • apricots
  • bananas
  • grapes
  • pumpkin
  • dairy
  • cucumbers peeled
  • prunes
  • zucchini eggplant
  • oil
  • bread wholemeal
Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies

If you want to get rid of the phosphate stones, the diet should be such:

eliminate or reduce

  • Dairy any (fresh and sour milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese) are excluded completely
  • eggs
  • mushrooms
  • baking
  • smoked meat and fish broths
  • all hot spices
  • potatoes
  • any cabbage
  • all pickles and home-made
  • nuts
  • prunes
  • pumpkin
  • asparagus
  • all fruits and vegetables are limited in the amount of coffee
  • strong tea


  • meat
  • bird
  • fat fish
  • soaked herring
  • pasta
  • oil
  • sugar
  • honey
  • bran bread kvass
  • porridge on the water
  • sour apples
Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies

to recover from uric acid kidney stones, stick to a diet:

eliminate or reduce

  • meat, especially fatty
  • fish, canned fish offal
  • jellies, aspic, jellied
  • legumes, especially beans and peas
  • red wine
  • beer
  • seafood
  • strong meat and fish broth
  • all pickles and marinades
  • eggs
  • garlic sausage
  • tomatoes
  • coffee
  • cocoa
  • Chocolate
  • celery salt
  • asparagus


  • sweets (except for the baking)
  • mushrooms
  • butter
  • oil
  • apples pears apricots
  • peaches
  • grapes
  • sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower particularly
  • beets carrots
  • dairy products (except cheese acute)
  • tea with lemon honey
  • marmalade
  • rice and oatmeal
  • yesterday bread or toasted walnuts
  • vegetable soups
Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies
Regardless of the type of stones, you should drink plenty of water.It must be that clean water in addition to all other fluids - juice, fruit drinks, tea or coffee.Best of all, if it is soft, low in mineral salts.But Distilled water is not suitable, the water should still be natural.It is desirable for a day to drink 8 glasses of pure water.This will allow the body to identify those half a liter of urine, which are necessary for getting rid prone to crystallization of salts.

Application folk remedies to treat kidney stones and to get rid of kidney stones

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies good reviews most people have the tools that allow the treatment to get rid of kidney stones.However, their use can only be the case if the stones are sufficiently small, or a high risk of blockage of the urinary duct stones.Stones up to 3 mm are usually called sand used traditional medicine is there to almost no restrictions.If the size of the stone from 3 to 5 mm, it is already necessary to consult with your doctor how it is better to dissolve excretion.If the stone even more, it is considered the largest.Remove it, if necessary, need to have surgically, and folk remedies can help prevent recurrence of the disease.

Water blow

Dehydration provokes the formation of kidney stones.To cleanse the kidneys, especially in the summer, sit out in the shade and drink 1 liter of water for 30 minutes.

  • If you have a tendency to edema or just hard for you to drink a whole liter, drink less, but not less than 500ml.
  • Throat try to make small, but fast.
  • choose soft water or soda.

It should be done regularly in order to stimulate the formation of urine.

Folk remedies for the treatment of calcium oxalate kidney stones

Since oxalate stones do not dissolve, do not try to find a way nevertheless to somehow break up, it can cause renal colic.Small oxalates and sand from the body can be derived from the large amount of liquid.

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies watermelon with black bread

Within 2 weeks eat watermelon with a small amount of rye bread.

will need to remove stones in the evening, from 17 hours to 21 hours, when the kidneys are working as efficiently as possible.

Sit in a tub of warm water and eat as much watermelon as you can.

Warm water will extend the ureters and cause severe watermelon stimulate urination and excretion of sand and small stones.

No stones but oxalates, output in this way is impossible.

should also be careful to people with a weak heart and diseases of the stomach, it is contraindicated in this procedure.

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies Grape infusion

To prepare the spring of young branches collect and mustache grapes and crush them.

2 tsp. Chopped branches pour 2 cups boiling water.

Hold on a water bath for 3 minutes, then pour into a thermos and leave for half an hour.

strain and take 4 times a day for a quarter cup.

During treatment, increase the number of drunk of fluid throughout the day about half of normal.

Folk remedies for the treatment of phosphate kidney stones

phosphate stones are growing rapidly, but further softening and dissolving the yield is relatively easy.However, their appearance is an overabundance of calcium in the body, so the priority should be given to all the same diet.

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies decoction of the roots

According to many reviews, get rid of phosphates help decoction of the roots of plants grown in the rocky soil.To prepare the broth used:

  • barberry
  • rosehips
  • grapes
  • knotweed
  • bedrenets-kamenolomka
  • horsetail

Collect roots in the fall, Wash them off the ground, dried and ground.

2 tbsp.chopped roots pour 1 cup boiling water.Boil for 15 minutes.on low heat, let cool, then strain.

Drink-thirds cup 3 times a day half an hour after eating.

Keep decoction of the roots to the teeth - they destroy tooth enamel.

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies Infusion knotweed

1 tbsp.spoon dry grass knotweed brew cup boiling water, leave for 40 minutes.

Strain and drink 3 times a day for a third cup, after the meal.

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies Herbal


  • 100 g of corn stigmas
  • 100 g of birch leaves
  • 50 g of juniper berries
  • 50 g root harrow
  • 50 g root mountaineer snake
  • 50 g rootBurdock

cooking and eating:

  1. Mix all ingredients, store the collection in a tightly closed jar in a dark place.
  2. 1 tbsp.spoon collection pour 1 cup boiling water meters.
  3. Boil 15 minutes.on low heat, let cool and strain.

collection Drink 1 glass 3 times a day.

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies Infusion

grape leaves 1 tbsp.spoon of dried grape leaves pour a glass of boiling water.

Let sit for 20 min., Then strain.

Drink infusion 2 times a day for half a cup.

Folk remedies to help get rid of uric acid kidney stones

Educated uric acid urate salts dissolve easily enough by using traditional therapies.But still be careful.Too large urate as dangerous as the other kidney stones.Before using folk remedies, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies Apple tea with lemon

sour apples Clean and dry the peel and then grind it into a powder in a mortar or coffee grinder.

lemon scald with boiling water, cut into thick rings and pour sugar.Store in the refrigerator.

2 tsp. Of apple powder, pour 1 cup boiling water and let stand 20 minutes.

Add the lemon drink ring impregnated with the juice of the sugar, stir.

addition of lemon in apple tea you can add honey and ginger.

Drink as an ordinary tea, up to 5 times a day over a glass.Use this tool can be 2 weeks in a row.

Kidney stones: treatment of folk remedies oats brewed

4 tbsp.