How to protect yourself from negative energy?

After talking with a select number of people , you can feel the fatigue and the desire to be alone or sleep . These people no runs , avoid them and do not want to keep them talking . The people they dubbed energy vampires . Wrong is the assumption that a constant close association with people like you will have no effect . The power of words is greater than we imagine. The human soul - the house, it can not let anyone anyhow .

How to recognize a carrier of negative energy?

Energy vampire you will feel immediately the following features:
  • in a conversation you have a feeling that you have pressure or cornered;
  • feeling of insecurity causes irritation to which you put your vitality;
  • Communication comes after a state of apathy.
The main topics of conversation energovampirov: constant complaints of their lives and discuss other people with undisguised envy and malevolence.

Energovampirizm natural for children until adolescence when they just need attention makeup adults and elderly people . In other age categories and
the phenomenon of abnormally indicates mental disorder .

How to protect yourself from the effects of negative energy?
Psychologists have developed some recommendations, following which you will be able to block unwanted invasion of a foreign power:
  1. Change emotions- People would not just spoil the mood of others if he does, then he has something wrong in any field of activity;
  2. Escape thoughts- Get away from the interlocutor in his mind into a pleasant place for you (ocean, grandmother's house, etc.).
  3. Personal life is only for the elite- Information about your personal problems should not be on everyone's lips, people with negative energy may take advantage, prompting you to scandal or cause feelings of confusion.
  4. No excuses- In any case do not try to justify themselves before a provocateur , he did just waiting ; no one will listen to your arguments , no matter how correct they were not ; Because of this, you'll get annoyed and hurt even more, and receive the desired dose of vampire energy.
  5. Change theme- During the regular complaints about life dramatically turn your attention interlocutor with the words: "What you have in your life good? I do not want to hear about the bad . " After such energovampir think that wasting time with you and switch to another "victim" .
  6. Bad energy- The same energy - try to use it wisely and turn it into a stimulus that makes you move further, to be better, to quickly find the solution to life's problems.
  7. Locked Door- After a conversation with a vampire try to close the door for him in your mind - do not think about it, do not continue the dialogue of thought, not the developing situation, go for a pleasant experience.
  8. Other people's problems- Is not your problem - do not try on other people's misery and put yourself in the place of complaining and not recommended to think, "How can I do all right, compared with him (her)."
  9. Help others- If you feel that you do not deal with their negative feelings , go to friends for help , the more people you tell about it , so it will be easier ; after a conversation with a vampire try to be in a crowded place , but better - in a crowd (public transport , for example) , there pushing and contact with others, you will be able to reset the negative.
  10. Ban guilt- Remember, you're not to blame for the fact that your interlocutor bad in life;
These methods are well-suited to deal with strangers , that do not affect your life . What do those who in the family is the bearer of negative energy ? First of all, to help him learn how to get energy from other sources. To do this, you must capture something human , so much so that he had to forget about everything , doing things you love, that it will bring positive emotions and compensate for the lack of vitality.