How beautiful to respond to rudeness?

The display of rudeness to blame for both: the one who is rude, and the one who are rude. The first - is not able to keep their emotions under control, the second - it allows to show an open aggression towards themselves. If passers-by can be rude to ignore the lack of respect from the people with whom you are communicating every day, you need to stop at the first manifestation. Hama - is insecure people who need to assert themselves and improve their self-esteem. Special talent and natural charm they usually do not shine, and therefore are looking for a man, through which you can raise your credibility in the eyes of other people.

Traits victim cad
You probably will not notice the time , in the working team that the same people constantly suffer the ironic remarks in his address from his colleagues , while only embarrassed smile . To become a daily energy supply of Ham , must possess the following traits :
  • an increased sense of duty- It makes a person feel constantly guilty of something , and these people c
    an be blamed for anything, they implicitly recognize their guilt , without taking into account the circumstances and not coming up with excuses , and all the proud attacks offenders they perceive nodding silently agreeing with them ;
  • low self-esteem- A person who does not respect themselves , respect no one will be and if it will be noticed , and in a team , then just to have fun , letting go of inappropriate jokes about him , but to somehow Defense person with low self-esteem begins to scream in response or insulting boor than it only whet and cheers ;
  • conflict-free- Occurs in people whose parents since childhood formed the unquestioning respect for all people and fear of authority, but it does not foster respect for yourself, do not teach a child to stand up for themselves and reflect the surrounding pressure , so people leave conflict- of offenders and try both can be smaller with them in one area .
How beautiful answer boor
To avoid becoming a victim of this , you need to learn how to respond to inappropriate attacks people in your inner circle . If you intentionally provoke a conflict , try these psychological techniques :
  1. Intelligent trolling.People often talk on forums and in chat rooms , sign the term. It consists in the following: if you start insulting "including intellectual" and start " downloading " the interlocutor intelligent phrases. For example, in the profanity you can say, " Sorry, I do not understand your question. Communicate with me in the language of Pushkin and Fet , please. "
  2. Misunderstanding.In response to rudeness pretend that did not understand: "What excuse?
  3. Questions.Instead of answering the audacity to ask clarifying questions: "Do you think my hands are growing out of the place?
  4. Humor.Rescues in virtually all situations.
  5. The complaint management.At work, this method is better not to use, you do not want to pass in the team sneak , and the authorities is unlikely to enjoy. This method is appropriate only in state institutions , if the official ( local doctor in the clinic , the housing department employee , a pension fund , social security ) allows himself rudely treated you , do not get involved in the conflict , ask politely first and last name ( as a rule, already at this stage rude tone changes ) , and write a complaint to the administration.
  6. Consent.

    - Where do you climb out of turn, a freak?
    - Yes, I'm a freak because I climb and jump the queue.

    After such response boor nothing to say, he lost.
  7. Please.You can just ask insistently not to be rude to you.

    - Do not Hami me.
    - I have not yet started.
    - So, the time has come to end.

  8. Allergies.When the source properly reflected in your address, start purposely sneeze and cough, and then say, "Sorry, but I'm allergic to verbal diarrhea and nonsense."
  9. Disappointment.Shame cad their disappointment in him: "I had a better opinion of you," "I do not believe it now you say."
Do not turn lout in his enemy , fight not with a person but with the manifestation of his negative feelings towards you . Do not forget that you can also be rude beautifully with humor , if you got a man , try to learn from him that, you never know where useful in the future .