How to weave Baubles of thread for beginners?

Baubles , or , as they are called , friendship bracelets came into the world with the filing of a hippie . Children put flowers in their Baubles global sense - in addition to the idea of ​​" all men - brothers " and its confirmation by the color of these bracelets baubles could learn about the man , if not all , very much . For example , a combination of yellow, orange and blue tells us that a man fascinated by the esoteric and spiritual development . Gradually, however, the sacred value of baubles disappeared , and they became a simple decoration for the "free spirit " people.

How to weave Baubles of thread for beginners?
Baubles weave not only fun, but also useful : working hands , plus the ability to create and build, plus repetitive actions - all of this not only improves mood, but also helps to relax and to move away from daily affairs . For beginners, this effect is possible with simple weaving baubles with rote action . To weave his first Fenichka you will need:
  • 7 threads (floss or iris, 100-120cm eac
  • scissors;
  • insulating tape, tape or pin.

raw materials for weaving baublesraw materials for weaving baubles

  1. Lay the thread in the order in which colors will go . It is best to take a contrasting bright thread - they are clearly visible all nodes . Tie an ordinary knot and secure Fenichka with electrical tape ( on hard surfaces ) , adhesive tape (keep in mind that it can stick to the thread and tear them ) or pins ( well suited to field conditions ) .

    layout threadslayout threads

  2. Take two leftmost strand and lay the leftmost red light to the right left.

    start knittingstart knitting

  3. Pass the tip of the thread from the bottom up in the resulting loop.

    nodule formationnodule formation

  4. The knot should be double, that is to tie one on NITC it must be doubled.

    double knot tighteneddouble knot tightened

  5. Tie second red-cutting thread just like in the first paragraphs.

    tying a red threadtying a red thread

  6. So was the red thread to the right , back to the left. Again take two leftmost strand. Now the left is the bright thread - and it is necessary to fasten the second row . Place the thread from left to right over a red light , and from the bottom up Insert it into the loop .

    start tying white threadstart tying white thread

  7. Tighten the knot by pulling the thread has of light.

    How to weave Baubles of thread for beginners?

  8. Dopletite number of bright thread, and leave it on the right.

    continued weaving of white threadcontinued weaving of white thread

  9. Similarly, continue to weave Baubles as long as its length is not equal to the length of the wrist, or about 17-20 cm.

    weaving process to the desired lengthweaving process to the desired length

  10. When Fenichka reaches the desired length, the remaining bottom braid pigtails and secure knot.

    completion of weavingcompletion of weaving

  11. Cut the excess ends.

    ready Fenichkaready Fenichka

Before you start to weave Baubles of thread , remember : weaving baubles - it is very inspiring , and it is practically impossible to stop all spin . Many say that while weaving them becomes even breathing , the thoughts themselves are arranged on shelves and rows of uniform nodules improve mood . The man who give Fennec also feels very happy . Therefore, whipping , increase their skills , give Baubles close , and maybe eventually the world will be really a little bit brighter and better.