How to make a pom-pom with threads?

Recently restored to its former popularity pompoms : pompons on their caps , on belts , scarves from pompons , capes and ponchos - the environment of their use is limited only by human imagination . In the variety of pompons on the first place stands proudly ordinary pompoms made ​​of threads . Make a pompom of thread is not difficult , if you have on hand for half an hour of free time and the necessary materials , and subsequently the production of pompons altogether will take no more than 15 minutes .

To make your own pom-pom with threads you will need:
  • strings (the thicker they are, the more luxuriant will pompon);
  • paperboard;
  • scissors and / or stationery knife;
  • a cup or a mirror (to delineate a cardboard base);
  • pencil;
  • Compasses (instead of the last two points).

    Materials pompomMaterials pompom

  1. Draw a circle on the cardboard backing.

    scribing, circlesscribing, circles

  2. Cut a circle and its interior.

    cut blankcut blank

  3. The large coil of thread make a small, which will flow freely into the inner hole of the workpiece.

    Creating a small tangle of threadCreating a small tangle of thread

  4. Then align the workpiece with each other and begin to braid them.

    fixing nodulesfixing nodules

  5. Criss-crossing the first layer of the workpiece thread.

    opletanie range of the first layeropletanie range of the first layer

  6. Whole layers must be at least three, and preferably five.

    fully braided preformfully braided preform

  7. Now we need to accurately cut threads on the outside - there is useful and stationery knife.

    cutting threadscutting threads

  8. Carefully slide the cardboard bases and pass the thread between them.

    threading between paperboardthreading between paperboard

  9. Tie a knot on a strong twice to lock the thread in the current position, and then remove the base or cut it.

    fixing thread knotfixing thread knot

  10. Spread pompom hands.

    straightened pompomstraightened pompom

  11. Came the turn of scissors: Give your pom-poms ball shape, cut off the excess thread and, if necessary, shortening them.

    trimming excess threadstrimming excess threads

It is both an "advanced" and lightweight way to make pompoms made of threads. If you wish, you can do without foundations - in this case, simply cut a large pile of thread and tie a length in the middle of the node, but because you may miss the desired number of threads and pompom get weak and fluffy. If you need to make a pompom larger, simply increase the size of the pieces, but the inner circle can be left in the area of ​​2-3 cm. And of those pom-poms that are not well received, you can make a small bedside rug - with time thread primnutsya and flaws are completely invisible .