How to make a rose out of fabric?

Truly royal flower - the rose . How different it can be ! And the classic red roses large and small garden roses , and delicate white buds and elegant tea roses ... Of course, Rose is an excellent interior decoration, clothing , etc. However, the beauty of roses is ephemeral , and you can save it by placing a flower in a vacuum or to make a rose out of the tissue itself . The second method is interesting because of the seemingly ordinary materials born miracle of eternal beauty .

So, to make a rose out of the fabric with your hands, you will need:
  • Fabric strip 50-60cm in length and 10 cm in width;
  • scissors;
  • needle and thread;
  • Lighter.

How to make a rose out of fabric?

  1. Cut a strip of fabric 60h10 see and treat its edge lighter, did not get out to the skin.

    preparation of the necessary size stripspreparation of the necessary size strips

  2. Fold the fabric in half and baste each other free thread.

    Sewing fabric halvesSewing fabric halves

  3. When both halves of the tissue will primёtany to each other along the entire length, pull the string so that the fabric has become wavy.

    contraction of tissue threadcontraction of tissue thread

  4. On one end of the resulting tapes begin to wrap rosettes.

    start wrapping fabric rosettesstart wrapping fabric rosettes

  5. After that, start to wind the remaining free cloth occasionally bends bonding thread.

    bond twists threadbond twists thread

  6. Here is a rosette at the end of turns.

    finished rosettefinished rosette

This is not the most difficult way to make rosettes, but it takes plenty of time at the expense of the original fabric treatment.

You will need:
  • satin ribbon not less than 2.5 cm wide;
  • needle and thread;
  • scissors.

How to make a rose out of fabric?

  1. Put the tape vertically.

    first bend ribbonfirst bend ribbon

  2. Now the lower end up away; and the right - to the left.

    the creation of woven squarethe creation of woven square

  3. In the same way, repeat, only this time the tip of the upper fold down and take away the left to the right.

    repetition of acts in the opposite directionrepetition of acts in the opposite direction

  4. It turns out that's such Footprint.

    Get in the process of folding the stackGet in the process of folding the stack

  5. Release the pile, but do not let the ends of the tape - it will finish in a long weaving.

    Mutilate stack tapeMutilate stack tape

  6. Now hold your fingers one end of the belt and pull the second - will rosette.

    How to make a rose out of fabric?

  7. It remains only to fix the flower petals under the lower thread and trim the excess tape ends.

    Flower fixing threadFlower fixing thread

  8. Rozochka ready!

    finished rosettefinished rosette

These roses can decorate clothes , make them bouquets, weave them into the hairstyle and more. The main thing - making does not take long , and with the acquisition of skill on each rose, made ​​a second method will leave no more than ten minutes. Perfection, invent new , experiment , and the world around you will be fine!