How to weave bracelet Shambala?

Initially Shambhala - a mythical country , the concept of existence belongs to Hinduism . According to the myths , Shambhala - a place of unity of heaven and earth , lost in the mountains of Tibet and bestowing any person who finds his unprecedented knowledge and wisdom . Other studies hint that Shambhala is located on the territory of Altai - the land of shamans . But others believe that Shambhala exists simultaneously in the physical , astral and spiritual worlds where Shambhala as a spiritual world - is enlightenment , which reaches people.

It is believed that the art of weaving these bracelets Tibetan monks inherited from the sages of the Shambhala. Bracelets trailed as amulets, bestowing his master peace, peace of mind, wisdom and luck. Bracelets protected the people from harm and help cope with the difficulties and perfection of forms allows you to see the beauty of the world no matter where he was their owner. Now Shambhala bracelets have lost much of its meaning, but suddenly became widely popular.
Well, the best way to get the amulet, which will be fully fit you in character - to weave his own.

How to weave bracelet Shambala?
For weaving classical fenugreek you need:
  • board with two nails nailed at a distance of 25-30 cm from each other, or tape to fix;
  • round beads;
  • waxed cord or any sufficiently thin but strong thread of natural (cut of about 40cm for the base and 2-3 meters for wrapping);
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • lighter or matches.

Materials for braceletMaterials for bracelet

Bracelet weaves as follows:
  1. Tie one end of the cord for the base around the nail or fix tape, randomly place the beads on a cord and fix it the same way on the other side.

    start weavingstart weaving

  2. Take long section of cable, fold it in half and tie a strong knot on a regular distance of about 10 cm from the edge.

    creation of a support nodecreation of a support node

  3. Take the end with a bundle, draw it under the main thread, but on the free right end.

    nodule formationnodule formation

  4. Tighten.

    tightening the knottightening the knot

  5. Now repeat these steps: Take the end with a bundle , draw it under the base and on the free end , and on the basis of the free , but at the end of a bundle . So continue to weave the necessary number of rows. By the way , weaving each row starts with a power cord with a knot , and the end of the cord with a knot each time will be held under the main thread , but of the free , and the free end , respectively , on the basis , but under the tip of a bundle .

    weaving knots to the desired lengthweaving knots to the desired length

  6. When the time comes to braid beads, made by the same common node, and start to tighten, but so that the bead is at the center node, braided cord.

    opletanie beadsopletanie beads

  7. Then do a couple of sites and interweaves the next bead.

    opletanie following beadsopletanie following beads

  8. Repetition - the mother of learning: the end of the cord to the unit carried out under the main thread, but on the free end, and free at the main thread, but in the end with a bundle.

    another bead braidedanother bead braided

  9. When your band reaches the desired length, lock the last node transparent glue and cut the excess cord.

    fixing the last nodefixing the last node

  10. Remove the bracelet with boards, put on the tips of the beads released and lock them simple knots.

    stringing beads on the ends of the braceletstringing beads on the ends of the bracelet

  11. Fold the ends of the jack.

    folding the endsfolding the ends

  12. Take the cord length of 40-50 cm , fold it in half and use it to tie the ends of the band together strong, but not very tight knot . Now, just as in the main weaving , tied their alternate sites. Last knot secure transparent glue .

    tying all the other threadtying all the other thread

  13. The result was a bracelet with an adjustable buckle.

    ready braceletready bracelet

Weave Bracelet Shambhala not so difficult as it seems at first glance. But the opportunities to make a bracelet fully compatible with you just a sea - different material beads , different yarns , colors, textures ... Among the famous people of common - Shambala bracelets of precious metal with stones , so that the stretch of imagination is not limited by anything. And most importantly, when wearing the bracelet , Shambhala really becomes easy to live as if through him in the solar plexus flows all the wisdom hidden in the mysterious country .