How to make shorts out of old jeans?

It seems that to make shorts out of old jeans is very simple: just cut too much - and short jeans (ie shorts ) ready. In fact, not all shorts are a good fit , and before cutting , it is necessary to consider at least two things : cut ( can not be changed , but you can reject the very idea , if you find it is not quite appropriate ) and length ( and here it is you have to choose yourself) . And also about the future to determine the decorations.

It is not suitable for rebirth in tight shorts and narrowed supernarrow models and those in which the narrow leg to the knee and lower expanded. As a rule, it looks bad shorts made ​​of conical the Jeans " bananas " (or " carrots ") . But the model with straight Total length trousers look great , to what lengths they would neither cut off - so that in the form of shorts , they can serve you more than one summer.

If you doubt that your favorite jeans into a new form you like and will wear , think about it: Would not you regret the spoiled things you can just throw the
unfortunate " new thing ." Yes ? Then we can assume that the decision was made : can be cut .

Please note that the bottom of the finished shorts is not a straight line.

How to make shorts out of old jeans?Having defined the length , draw a line the bottom of a shallow or a piece of dry soap and add to it one - two centimeters , if you are going to hem bottom. This is the cutting line . To the left and right leg turned out the same, sharp scissors , cut one of them , put them on each other and then cut the second.

Hem the bottom on the sewing machine or process it seam "zigzag", slightly tucked cloth.

What other ways to make their original shorts?

Application . The most convenient place for the application (this can be flowers, baby pictures , starfish ) - one of the back pockets . But you can stick a few small pictures in the same style along the side seam or bottom .

Rivets , sequins and rhinestones . Some sequins sewn by hand, tape - nastrachivayut on the sewing machine . Rhinestones are glued . Such decorations can be placed almost anywhere : on the pockets in rows or at the bottom , along the side seams , or on a belt.

Very stylish looks combination of denim with lace or bright cotton rags . Lace cloth or strip of any width and color nasheyte on the bottom, in the pocket valance , make of it a belt , putting on the sealant. Bright patches can close the defect : neotstiryvayuschiesya spots or sloppy gusts .

Applying imagination and available materials, you can make out of old jeans not only home clothes, but also the exclusive beach or casual shorts for access to the city frivolous, comfortable and totally unique.