How to play bowling?

Deadwood - this is not bowling, and the occasional strike - not a skill. It's hard to believe, watching the players in the fashionable bowling club and a special track in shopping malls. As in any trending entertainment, it is full of amateurs, and the game becomes more popular, the more fans skate aimlessly along the paths of the balls. They have a right to make mistakes - in fact to boring leisure time, it is not necessary to comprehend all the intricacies of the process. But if fashion game you really fascinated, is to take it seriously and to understand how to play bowling.

Let's start with the fact that bowling - not such a new occupation. In fact, the game has more than 7000 years of history, and the first to roll the balls invented by the ancient Egyptians. The baton was picked up Polynesians, and only then, about three hundred years BC, the archaic prototype of bowling has become almost mandatory religious ritual. Later, fond of bowling and the British and the Dutch, and other European nations. A n
otorious Admiral Francis Drake generally preferred to finish the game before repel the Spaniards. And even if in the retelling of the legend prihvastnuli historians, it does not change the fact that bowling, and its rules are developed for a long time. So they have a right to respect, is not it?

The modern game takes place in a comfortable and pleasant environment. All clubs are equipped with one principle, and you will only know that at the end of the 18-meter track of your shock, always waiting for exactly 10 pins. Your task - to bring down their special sphere. With the ball, too, not everything is simple, because they are all different, and you have yet to choose their "shell". All of the same diameter, they differ in weight and color. The easiest ball weighs only 2.5 kg, the heaviest - 7.3 kg, well, different colors indicates this. Balls for bowling - it's not just hard balls, their secret lies in the center of gravity. Due to such a "misalignment" is provided not just rolling, but the ball rolling around the center and its movement at the right arc. Do not be alarmed if the theory tools bowling seem complicated. Skill comes with the game, so we get down to business.

The basic rules of bowling
So, remember the basic rules of bowling:
  1. Before the game, be sure to change of notation . Indoor shoes need not to scratch the soles and heels expensive cover tracks. Flat rubber sole of these shoes to prevent slipping and reduces the risk of accidental fouls ( he is scored when a player crosses the line at the beginning of the track ) . Moreover , this tradition is pre-set to the game and creates a special atmosphere - all players are like members of a private club .
  2. Select the appropriate weight ball . Before the game, they all lie on the surface of a special machine , and each member of the team can find a comfortable pair of balls and remember their weight . Tentatively, the women suits anything less №10, men - balls from №10 and heavier.
  3. To capture the ball , insert three holes in his right thumb , large , middle and ring . Do not immerse your fingers completely empty hands only slightly touches the surface of the ball . Such a statement is not accidental brush : it allows the best possible way to control the thrust and the subsequent movement of the ball along the path.
  4. Now about the track. Just before it is so-called "zone of takeoff " in which you have to be before you start throwing. From the very lacquered track this zone separates throw line . Mentally divide the area into four run-up steps. If you do more and crossed the line of throw - earned the foul that is shot down this time pins are not counted .
  5. Each step up to the line cast accompanied by a corresponding movement of the hand to the ball.
  6. At this point you have to let go of the ball that the acceleration will go to the pins.
  7. No matter how many pins you do not break , the game moves to the next player . Everyone in the team - 10 approaches to the track. When all team members have used their approach , points are calculated . This happens automatically , and the result will be displayed on the monitor of your track.
By and large, all these rules in practice being developed faster than the time that you spend on reading them . Arriving at the bowling club for the first time , do not hesitate to ask more experienced colleagues and observe their actions . Try to do the right steps to track and repeat the pose lucky players. Over time you will begin to feel more confident . And when you learn how to properly allocate the center of gravity of his body and the ball - the stop to think about the position of hands and feet before throwing .

Etiquette Bowling
And finally - a few tips to those aesthetes who want to learn not only the technical part of the game . As in any sport , bowling adopted its ethical rules . Adhering to them, you will make a positive impression on the experienced players and file a good example for beginners . For starters , remember the so-called "rule of the right hand ." It requires the players to give another advantage of standing on the right. This stands to the right , in its turn, can nod back to another member of the course team.

The second universal rule - do not interfere with the players on the adjacent tracks . For example, do not enter the zone run, if you see that the neighbor began to spring training . Your movement in the lateral view can distract other players and have a negative impact on the outcome of its approach . Common courtesy and respect for others - such as important components of a successful game as polished technique and accurate throws. Observe and then, and more - and light strikes you !