How to make a mat with your hands?

If you paint , you embroider or do some other creative work, you probably often had to execute their work in the frame. In every city there are probably at least one Framing Workshop , where you can arrange their work in a beautiful frame with a mat . Product design looks elegant and stylish , and give such a creation is not a shame . But design is a lot of money . Once you are able to create beauty , you the strength to do the mat with his hands.

To do this you Poreba follow these simple steps:
  1. To start with the color and weight of paper stock from which to make a mat . Carefully read your article. You can alternately applied to the pieces of paper in different colors , so you can see how the colors will be combined . It looks nice double mat, when using two color shades , two strips of different material. So you can make any picture special character and depth.
  2. Be sure to cut a piece of cardboard to place it on the bottom of the frame under the picture.
  3. Make sure that the frame is deep enough to accommodat
    e and cardboard and mat, and the product itself, otherwise you will not be able to close the back of the frame and safely fix everything.
  4. Once you have decided on the color and views of the mat , you can proceed to the design work. To begin , cut a rectangle of material chosen as large as the size of the frame. Then, the reverse side define the middle , and then carefully cut a window in which to find work . It is better to make the window a couple of millimeters less, because it will be very ugly if it will be seen from the edge of the article and the bare - board lining.
  5. When the mat is ready, secure job to the cardboard-lined.
  6. In order to adhere the mat to the work itself, use the same double sided tape.
  7. Now you can put in the work in the frame.
Registration will not take a lot of time, does not require large cash expenditures, and bring indescribable pleasure from the result.