How dry the pumpkin for crafts?

Pumpkin can be a vase , box , decorative lights , unusual sculptures , painted bowl and even almost a real coach for Cinderella . And who has not heard about the glowing pumpkin for Halloween ? Most good crafts can be obtained from ornamental gourds , but you can use ordinary . If you plan to make something small , you will need to cut the young pumpkin, as it has not grown , but if your hack will have a considerable size , it is best to wait until the pumpkin peak of its growth .

How dry the decorative pumpkins
Ornamental gourd dry easily , especially if it grows in your own garden. In general , it dries by itself , you just have to watch the process and wait for the right moment , when you can pick up a knife and start manufacturing something unusual and amazing .

The main thing - as long as possible to cut the pumpkin with the stem, the ideal is to wait for the moment when about to start freezing and only if its long-awaited gathering the harvest. Pumpkin, dried naturally, much more quality, sturdy and du
rable than the one removed from the field early, and dried at home. This pumpkin in natural conditions did not scary: no rain, no wind or other weather. It is not necessary to cover, and under it is not necessary to enclose anything. It is sufficient protection as the own skin. Pumpkins are only afraid of the cold, so it is not necessary to wait.

Determine the maturity of decorative pumpkin is very simple: if you take it in your hands and shake, you will hear the roar of the seeds inside.

If you do not have your own garden and the opportunity to wait for the moment when the pumpkin ripens and dries completely, it can be dried at home.

As usual dry pumpkin
Pumpkin dries long time - this is the main truth with which to come to terms . To hack your stored for many years , not shrink, not cracked and not spoiled by other means , it is necessary for the gourd to dry for about six months .

First, the pumpkin should be cut , while it is necessary to leave the "tail" of not less than 10 cm , so that through him from vegetable evaporate moisture . Cut the pumpkin should be very sharp knife , and in any case do not remove from the stalk - so the pumpkin can get infected and it can not complete properly dry. It is advisable to take a few pumpkins to dry , even if you need only one . Because it may happen that some pumpkins begin to rot.

Dried pumpkin in a cool room , you can even store them in a shed or gazebo in the street, including winter. But this applies only to mature pumpkins. Pumpkins, which were collected before ripening , frost may be damaged . It is important to present draft. Good air circulation - the main factor for the quality of drying pumpkins as decoration and traditional .

Try to squash do not touch each other. On the floor surface , they also must not touch , so it is best to place them on the grill (the bottom will have access to a good air -drying ) or , in extreme cases , a few layers of cardboard. But the best option - to hang the pumpkin . So they will be blown by air well.

Now you just have to wait , sometimes turning a pumpkin and checking them for the presence of rot . If you notice that some of the pumpkins started to deteriorate , immediately remove it from the rest. Usually the loss of 5-10% , or one in five , ten pumpkins.

Completely dried gourd has a very solid and compact structure, it is hard and fairly easy, since all the water has evaporated from it, leaving only the dry fibers.

A quick way of drying pumpkin
There is a faster way of drying pumpkin , but they can be used only in the case if you do not plan to keep the crafts long. This option is ideal , for example, those who want to decorate the house for Halloween or some other event.

Once the pumpkin is well washed , cut off the tip of her . This should be a large sharp knife to obtain a clean cut and beautiful. Now , remove the pulp . First, cut with a knife what happens , then remove any excess with a scraper or a large spoon . This work needs to be done very carefully , no flesh left on the walls of the pumpkin should not be , it can lead to rot, which will begin in the coming days .

Wipe the inside of the pumpkin scraped with a cloth soaked in alcohol or vodka. Tamp pumpkin frame crumpled paper (newspapers suit ) and put in a well- ventilated area with no access to sunlight . As you change the wet paper. At first it will have to do often, but after the moisture in the skin of the pumpkin will be smaller, will need to change the paper often.

It is said that the cultivation of decorative pumpkins and then turning them into a variety of crafts can be a real mania. Well, it's not a bad way to spend time , which not only develops creative abilities , but also contributes to the decoration of the surroundings beautiful handicrafts .