Sentimentality - one of the strongest features of the female character. We find it hard to part with soft toys, cry hard to see wilting bouquet in a vase and a heart sinks at the thought of parting with the old favorite things. Even for a long time and served their lost all charm t-shirts, sweaters and socks, even continue to live in our hearts and in the house, but in a new capacity. Fortunately, most of these things really can be converted into something useful on the farm. The absolute record for the number of possible "rebirth" has been and remains jeans.

Old jeans - an inexhaustible source of inspiration for needlewomen and simple business people. No matter how old jeans, they are some styles and colors - for any suitable applied arts, light and dark, thin and rough denim. The larger the jeans - the better, the more opportunities for processing, so that the pants have become large after weight loss you will be a perfect material for handicrafts. Pockets, rivets and zippers - too important details that
find themselves not so much decorative as a very practical role in the "new place". This place becomes utility, interior, garden accessories and, of course, accessories and items of clothing.

Old jeans at home
  1. Case for smartphone.In this brand manufacturer stylish protection may cost a few percent of the cost of your phone , you can also make it with their hands out of their own free pants. Since even the biggest screen is much smaller than the area of fabric , you can choose any place on the jeans : a fragment of leg , front or back pocket. You can not even use the thread and just cut a patch pocket with the foundation , but in this case there is no guarantee that such a makeshift suit the size and the phone will not fall out of it .

    Case for smartphoneCase for smartphone

  2. The case for the tablet or laptop.Large screen size will require a correspondingly large amount of tissue, or complicate the problem by combining several fragments. If you do not want to complicate their task - to get into the stock shop jeans size XXL, while their volume accurately enough to wrap up the computer. But combining multiple pieces of denim gives more possibilities for creativity, including the arrangement of functional parts (pockets, fasteners, etc.). You can even make the protection machinery to truly secure, further equipping denim padded case.

    case for the tabletcase for the tablet

  3. Bag.Large, small, economical, stylish, shapeless or interesting silhouette - depends on your goals and desires. We only know that most of old jeans rework it in the bag. Their design allows for a lot of options, more and less complicated to implement. For example, if you take the top of the jeans is entirely cut off from the bottom leg and scribbling, the pouch bag with two large pockets ready, it remains only to sew the handle. Pen, by the way, may be of the same jeans (from the leg cut) and contrast (leather, suede, velvet, etc.). Of the two denim pants can be made roomy bag with compartments, and each of the leg - or clutch purse. By and large, ripped jeans - it's just a piece of cloth, which is redrawing its own way, you can use as a raw material for the realization of all forms and configurations.

    bag jeansbag jeans

  4. Pillowcases.In fact - the same bag , but without handles and zastrochennaya on both sides. Person lying on a pillow is unlikely because of the nice texture denim pockets and convex , but she could decorate a living room sofa or become a soft toy in the nursery . In the pocket , you can put the TV remote and / or home phone handset - both of these devices and strive to get lost in the apartment.

    pillowcase of jeanspillowcase of jeans

  5. Bedspread.Here, of course, it has not come out to do without combining pieces - or rather, patchwork. This technique is applicable in any artefacts, denim and not only, it looks nice and is associated with a homey feel. But it was like a blanket and large forms - finest hour Patchwork. The more diverse the source material, the more interesting the result. It also depends on your skill and the imagination. Creating mosaic covers of old jeans - a great reason to the long winter evenings to develop and improve a quality of those creative. Pieces sewn jeans can be on a warm fleece, and then the blanket will be warm, or a simple cotton base for easy decorative rug. But do not use a thin synthetic fabric, because it can be turned out and deform under the weight of the dense denim.

    patchwork bedspreadpatchwork bedspread

  6. Mat, litter.This is also the case when old jeans used exclusively as a material which is cut and reshaped as you like. But the result is really very practical and pleasing to the eye . Rugged and durable , denim is the best suited for such products , subject to a heavy load . He will stand with honor and fulfill its function in the hallway, in the bathroom , and especially kids will appreciate a rug in the nursery.

    denim rugdenim rug

  7. Organizer.Very handy thing , especially in the house of the artist or the mother of a young child . For its production , you can use only the pockets , have moved them to another solid basis for strengthening or directly on the wall. Or make several identical pieces of jeans with pockets : one above the other , or along the horizontal . In any case , such a device in the bathroom, the kitchen or the workshop will help to keep on hand all the necessary stuff.

    organizer of jeansorganizer of jeans

  8. Flower pot.Enough fun idea , which could dare inhabitants of private houses and cottages owners . All you need to do - to sew trousers on the bottom edge and fill jeans sufficient amount of soil . The fabric is breathable well , so the plants provide excellent root respiration. As for watering flowers in such " pots " , be careful , use a small amount of water or install into a real jeans , ceramic pot .


New clothes out of old jeans
  1. Shorts ( The obvious and probably the most demanded the reincarnation of old jeans . We will not go into the details of the long-known process , except to say that the denim shorts can be decorated with lace , sequins, fringes , stripes and badges . Especially look good homemade denim shorts with cuffs and looks below the front pockets.
  2. Sneakers.As well as flip-flops, espadrilles - on that you have enough imagination and skill.

    denim sneakersdenim sneakers

    The easiest way you can turn into a pair of jeans unnecessary indoor slippers for guests. Simply cut out the back of the fragments so that the foot could enter the patch pocket . This will be the top sneakers , slippers , and length of the " sole " you cut the right length .

    denim slippersdenim slippers

  3. The bow tie.Accessory trend without any financial cost . Just imagine how many butterflies get from one , even children's denim pants ! Scarf made ​​of thin summer jeans looks good , too . And from scraps can make some handkerchiefs and lace .

    denim bow tiedenim bow tie

  4. Earrings, pendants, brooches ...Jewellery - a fertile area for rework , because they require a minimum of material and make the most of its opportunities . Each rivet , stitching and embroidery on your old jeans can be a central element of fashion jewelry.

    earrings jeansearrings jeans

If you ask to list in one article the idea of ​​using all possible unwanted jeans , you have to mention aprons, potholders , napkins , covers for books and notebooks , coasters , wallets, bandanas , caps, bottle warmers and soft toys. But most importantly , we have already done : given the direction your creative imagination. Applying it, you will come up with many more ways of their own adaptations of old pants , jackets and denim shirts , extending the life of an old favorite things.