How to make a skeletonized leaves?

Skeleting - a simple technique of cleansing the veins from the pulp sheet that is attached to them . Skeletonized leaves look like a thin piece of work . By performing simple actions , you can turn the most ordinary herbarium in a unique decorative element . Oskelechivanie - the process is not only easy , but also quite expensive . All you need - always at hand : foliage , water, soda and brush . There are several ways of separating the veins of the soft parts.

Method for the lazy
To begin to dry your collected plant material ; gently flatten the leaves and lay between the pages of books - so we do not deform the workpiece during drying . When the moisture evaporates completely , put the sheets on a piece of rubber or other material with similar properties. Brush lightly tapping , flicking , dry cloth until there is bare bones . This method is based on the destruction of the natural vegetation structure , so do not rush to give leaflets to lie a little longer before you get down to business .

Wet technology
The second technique is the absolute opposite of the previous one: the leaves , we will be soaked . If you will not take your time , the lower leaves in a container with water and forget about them for a couple of weeks. And when you remember again , rinse under running water and clean off the remains of the flesh brush. Then dry with a paper towel .

If you do not have time or desire to wait , then the process can be greatly accelerated . Fill the pot a liter of water and dissolve it in a tablespoon of baking soda . The resulting solution was put on the stove and add the leaves . Simmer everything on low heat for an hour , then pour out the liquid , and boiled leaves , wash and clean off , as described above .

For advanced Chemists
The third method is the most complex and require considerable care. This time we will experiment with bleach , it is stronger than - the better. Ideal all known white . The caustic liquid put the leaves and wait until it turns white . When you work for your own safety, use rubber gloves. Carefully take BLEACH " semi-finished " , rinse under running water and remove the softened movements pierces the fabric with a brush . When finished with the cleaning - dry skeletons obtained .

Openwork masterpieces can make her more beautiful by adding a little brightness to them.

Finished products may be part of a large flower arrangement , decorate a gift box or card. But apart from all that lace skeletonized leaves it looks spectacular . Create your unique panels , combining a variety of colors , shapes and sizes. It will be an exquisite decoration of your interior.

Fresh juicy leaves look fine, but you are able to reveal all the beauty inherent nature in the most ordinary leaves . Without any effort and cost can create a work of art , having mastered the technique skeleting .