How to stop shy guys?

The feeling of shyness is inherent in every human being. Especially sharply it is shown during the formation of the personality , when we become aware of ourselves as part of a huge society , whose members have a clear separation by gender. As a child, sexual relations we still do not care in old age - already . Youth , however beautiful it may be, with rosy dreams and happy expectations consistently plunges us into the depths of fear and doubt caused by inexperience , leading to timidity , stiffness , and confusion .

Many girls are shy guys , for whatever reason, or several . Identify and eliminate the last - that's what you should do in the way of getting rid of their own fears . Look into yourself and think that most of you leads to confusion when dealing with a pleasing guy , he or you?

If it is , it is determined that it is in it you so worried . If you are afraid to talk with the young man , then begins to learn to talk , especially to strangers - in forums, stores , public transportation . If you are
embarrassed that the guy can see your interest in it , learn to control their feelings and understand that sympathy is nothing wrong when it is mutual , the guy completely still , you blush or bledneesh ; when not, the young man no less flattering, that he is a girl in a range of positive emotions.

It is believed that the fall in love with guy can just one stroke lashes opening bottomless eyes shining with joy . Love reaches out to love, and if it does not, then what do you fear? So , it's not your man , and there's absolutely unimportant blush you bledneesh or even stutter . However, the purity of his speech, it is better to follow . The same applies to the appearance.

One can endlessly talk about the importance of the inner world , but the first impression of a man still be folded in " their looks ." Particularly in the relationship between man and a woman . There's nothing to be done : most young people love the eyes . On the one hand , it is - bad , on the other - well, because if the guy started a conversation with you , it has everything to suit you !

As strange as it may sound, but the tightness we give birth to themselves. Basically, when we are ashamed of themselves - because of the fact that our breath is not quite fresh ; due to the fact that we feel uncomfortable in a dress last year , not the current collection ; due to the fact that did not have time how to apply makeup before leaving the house ; because a couple of extra kilos ; because ... the reason for our displeasure may be a lot, but is it worth to pay attention to all this , if the meeting has already occurred ?

Strive for perfection , nothing prevents you after you ocharuesh its liveliness and spontaneity you liked the young man. That's when you can break away from complete : to update your wardrobe , to make a new hairstyle , stop overeating at night buns . In the meantime, we should focus on what is happening and try to give everything to the maximum, while remaining itself. Remember : the more you think about how to look better , the less time you have to remain realistic actions.

A sense of confidence in dealing with a guy can get a little ... deceiving themselves . Imagine that you are talking to does not interest you young man and his brother , or other bystanders. They scare you ? Hence, it should not be !

And, finally , is to say the most important thing . The fact that we have always somehow lose sight ! Men , too, can be shy . In this respect they are no different from us. Think about it : maybe, while you drop your eyes modestly , you meet a young man desperately trying to find a common topic of conversation ? Be courageous . Help him in this !