How to stop swear?

More and more people are starting to swear, gradually getting used to use in his speech profanity. Often the transition from print to the obscene words associated with psychological problems, emotional tension, general fatigue. Man is experiencing difficulties at home, at work, begins most annoyed. Conflicts arise, the nervous system is permanently fevered state. The negative energy is looking out and finds him in a verbal form. Often people admit that they swear obscenely during an argument not to go to the fight. And some mat helps not to fall completely depressed. How to stop foul language, learn to control himself and to express normal? How to get used to always act within the framework of decency, not to tire yourself and others negative energy? It is important to take up the case seriously, understand the nature of the mat, to devote time to self-analysis and special studies. No longer swear, you will be surprised yourself how much easier and safer you will live.

Why did you swear?
Try to find out why you started to swear . What it gives you the use of these expressions , when you moved to a new lexicon. Imagine you decided to recover from the disease. We need to know the cause, source , or even Unaccustomed for some time from the mat , you soon will return to it again .
  1. Take a piece of paper and a pen.
  2. Think about why you mat helps.
  3. Remember, in what cases do you most often the mother.
  4. Imagine how you would have behaved if I had not become mothers.
  5. Answer the question : how much you need a mate ? Can we do without it , but it does not start to feel worse , to show aggression in a more rigid form ? If you feel that you can not do without the harsh words , it is necessary to pay attention to your ability to control himself . You can not depend entirely on their habit mother. Get rid of it, to begin to feel more confident.
  6. Write down on a separate sheet of all causes , actions and words of other people , the situation , because of which you usually swear . To overcome the addiction , you will need to make efforts to eliminate the negative factors. Of course, to get rid of all the negative is difficult, but necessary to reduce the number of stimuli .
Few understand yourself, you can think about what type of behavior is more similar to yours.

Why swear: common causes
There are some best-known reasons why people choose to communicate it obscene words.
  1. Growing.Often teenagers mother, wanting to assert themselves , to show thus their " opinion" challenge to society. They think that they are acting boldly . However, this behavior is just a sign of weakness , ill-concealed self-doubt. It is important to bring it to a young man , he was able to look at ourselves , unlearn bad habits.
  2. Reset nervous tension, excessive aggression.Many people resort to harsh expressions in the conflict , when do not want to turn it into a brawl . The voltage is removed. In such cases, it may be advisable to do physical workouts. Having trained in martial arts , regularly spending time in the gym , people will be able to not only get rid of the negative , but to accustom itself to the discipline . Engage preferably with a coach on rigid schedule .
  3. Life style.It spreads another phenomenon: people do not swear, and talk with it. They are so used to these words that are inserted in their normal speech without feeling special emotions. Just "for a bunch of words." If you think about time for these people, the most important thing for you - try to look at ourselves. Notice how you will look in a society where not accepted so behave. It is noticed that most foul person with unstable mentality, criminals. Of course, included in this raznolikogo group - not for you. With a little effort and you will certainly get rid of bad for you and others swear habits.
We saw the familiar reasons?

Simple Tips
  • Adults who develop, but does not prove his point of view , using the mat. You will show your inability to argue , to communicate ! Attempts to insist on his own, daring and curses immediately give a man's fear, uncertainty . Learn how to make a decent impression.
  • Get rid of tension, do not allow aggression to take the upper hand over you , but never use the mat as a tool. So you call again unexpected reaction : a fight could start another person heard cursing in his address. A more solid and legally savvy citizen is able to hit you anyway. After receiving the subpoena , which understands the case of personal injuries , many fans are surprised mat . But ignorance of the law is no excuse .
  • Stand out with positive rather than negative aspects. If the mat is already entered in your usual vocabulary, to immediately banish it from there. In polite society do not behave. It is possible that you have in front of an unexpected pinnacle, a great career, love is a wonderful person. And just one word uttered out of habit, to close the Door to a new life, where you could be realized in a different capacity. Of course, curses are not something so criminal, for what man has to be cast out, to punish severely. But they repel others, create a negative impression.
Learning to live without the mat.
You've already figured out what type of mat lovers treat . You have time to identify and record what is in you a desire to swear . Now you know how it is important to build their lives , to the habit of swearing not be for you an obstacle to development , happiness. Remember a few guidelines to make it easier to stop swear .
  1. Think.Train yourself to think about the answer first, and only then speak.
  2. Do not respond in kind.Never respond to an expletive, rude obscenities.
  3. Read.
  4. Keep yourself in their hands.Do not let your emotions rule over you.
  5. Keep score slips and win.Keep a journal . Burn there every time when you were forced to swear . This is - your fault . Do not forget to bookmark and achievements : you were on the edge, but he restrained himself and did not swear . You own them, get rid of bad habits.
  6. Look for an alternative.Make up funny words, use euphemisms, fancy vocabulary.
  7. Train.Engage in regular exercise one . Sit down , concentrate and remember the basic mat that you used. Imagine that all this is said in your address. There was an unpleasant sensation ? You understand that the mat carries only negative? Exercise can stop . Gradually you get used to treat mat negative, you have a need proof association foul language and situations that offend you. It is the case when a man his mother, he himself insulted .
Work on yourself , get rid of your habits. Then you will be able to stop foul language , learn to control himself and to communicate properly . Keep your nervous system and do not insult others. Mat - this is a serious obstacle for any person seeking to get more out of life opportunities.