How to sew a tack for the kitchen?

Every housewife in the kitchen trying to create the most comfortable conditions. Here everything should be on hand, and any thing fulfills its function. We can buy in stores towels and napkins, easy dishes and home appliances. Some specialized outlets selling and potholders. However, women prefer to make exclusive accessories. Tack sew their own hands, think through all the details: you can make any shape tack, design, size, use different materials. Some housewives have a whole set of tack, choosing the most appropriate depending on the particular case.

For example, two Panhandle convenient to take the pair tack connected by tape and for moderately hot frying pan or kettle suitable light potholder. In summer, it is best to use accessories that have the upper side barely heats hand. When the dishes are prepared in a short time, keep track of what you need to wear a mitten party, no. If the kitchen is not very hot, very handy thick double tack: They both sides have excellent thermal insulation properties. Yo
u will be able to wear it as you wish, without burning your hands at the same time. How to sew a tack for the kitchen, so she was really comfortable, safe and beautiful? Remember a few secrets, proceed carefully and sew accurately by algorithm. Then your potholder will make the process enjoyable any recipe.

We sew potholders kitchen.
There are a few secrets that will help you make a stylish, comfortable and durable potholders. Try to approach the problem creatively. Do not rush, wanting to get ready tack as soon as possible. Quality thing will last you a very long time, so it must be right to do as convenient and aesthetic. An excellent choice - sew a few different types of tack. They can be easily hang on a stud, and only select the most suitable tack. Some housewives make different gloves in real flashy accessories, decorating their kitchen.
  • The choice of material for the outside of the pot holders.It is advisable to take a more dense fabric.
    beauty from any anglebeauty from any angle
  • The beauty from any angle.Make your beautiful accessory on both sides, because you will be uncomfortable every time turning it correctly.
  • The heat-resistant layer.You can use as a heat-resistant layer of any dense material . It will help create a comfortable environment , to protect hands from overheating easy drape and batting, thick padding polyester . Be sure to check the selected material before sewing your tack . Take a piece of cloth and gently try to take them to the hot pan , the pan or kettle . If the hand still felt uncomfortable , you feel that the dishes you burn , you need to find another material or cloth folded in several layers and repeat the test .
  • Reliability.Please note that your tack should be not only beautiful, comfortable , and reliable . In the kitchen, you'll be ready to deal with hot objects . Some housewives cook on gas stoves : with them need to be especially careful not to burn the tack . Your mitten should be strong . Use only strong thread does double stitching. Otherwise potholder can disperse at the most inopportune moment.
  • Resolution.Very carefully determine the optimal size of your pot holders. It is necessary to calculate everything correctly, that it was not close, too big. Little mitten uncomfortable to wear, it is time-consuming, restrict movement. Most mitten could fly off the hands and taking it easy dishes as tissue begins to wrinkle in the most unexpected places. When you make a pattern, be sure to keep in mind how much material will go into the seam. It depends on the thickness of the fabric, its texture, the number of layers. For example, drape necessary to leave a large margin, and padding polyester sewn easily obtained neater seams.
  • Wrenched whether tack?Traditionally, the first tack should be stapled , and after that to turn out on the front side . Indeed, while the seam is inside , namely to sew and made ​​things. However, potholders you may well make an exception. Originally look mittens , rectangular accessories from a very dense material, for example , drape , stitched seam outside. The edges should be carefully Neaten color floss to tack looked stylish. So it will be much easier to determine the size of the accessory parts to sew .
  • Templates.You should not try to immediately give details of the necessary form . Tack get rough , it will be difficult to make it really beautiful. Cut out paper or cardboard templates , stencils, and then use them to carry pictures on the fabric . For example, you will not be difficult to find details in the shape of hearts, apples, if you pre- produce stencils .
    bonding partsbonding parts
  • Bond details.Normally, the inside of the tack sew several pieces . If you do both sides of the heat-insulating gloves , you will need to carve out the same number of elements for both parties. It is important to make sure that the top layer , performing an aesthetic function correctly connected to the insulating material . It is necessary not just to sew together all the parts , and pre stitch the upper and lower sides of pot holders , connecting the thin fabric with a thick material. Then mitten will be beautiful , the fabric will not go in waves .
  • Aligning print.If you use a tissue, which is decorated with ornaments , colored drawings , you will need to take care of the lining material. Think in advance how it should be placed print. Carefully make a pattern , cut out the details so that the image is correctly located on your tack .
  • Experimenting.Use a variety of materials and applications, do the embroidery . You can decorate the pot holders sequins, beads , colored braid and lace . Excellent look gloves in the form of fruits , animals , abstract geometric shapes with patterns .
Creative imagination , come up with several design options for your tack . You can define a style accessory , given the characteristics of a set of materials that you already have . Then you do not have to buy fabric, thread , filler and special decorations .

We sew tack kitchen correctly
Proceed according to the algorithm to make it easier to sew and tack please you strength, reliability, beauty.
Preparation of materialsPreparation of materials
  1. Prepare all the necessary materials: thin fabric, batting or padding polyester, lining, lace for edging, sewing.
  2. Make a template for your tack . You can sew mitten , beautiful cat , an apple or a pear , tomato . Good looking pot holders in the form of geometric shapes , decorated with abstract patterns . If you want to make a tack heart shaped paper template better folded in half , draw half a heart on it , and then cut out the shape . Then the heart is completely symmetrical.
  3. Determine the size of your pot holders.
  4. Carefully trace the pencil , chalk or soap your stencils . Carve out all the details. If you decide to make a thick tack with only one hand, you get an odd number of elements : two parts for the lining , two for the top layer , one insulating layer .
  5. Take the pins and interlock your items to tack could carefully try.
    bonding partsbonding parts
  6. Add together the details of one side tack : lining , top, heat-insulating layer . Sew their lines to get a small diamonds . If you are using a drape , you can do without the inner layer , leaving only the lining .
  7. Make edging external slice tack.
  8. Put your blanks for the two sides together, sew them neatly.
  9. If you sewed elements right sides, unscrew tack and well ironed it.
Your exclusive potholder for kitchen ready ! Apple can be decorated with funny tail on the cat's muzzle to consolidate small mustache and the eyes of the buttons , and the heart of the " spike " beautiful embroidered boom . This tack will not only help to cook , but also raise the whole mood will be a worthy part of the decor .