How to bathe budgerigar?

Budgies - big fans of water procedures. And rightly organized process bath will volnistika overjoyed ! But there are birds , which sometimes refuse to bathe, and if they are forced to , the parrots can experience a lot of stress and resentment on the host . But as hygiene and bathing budgerigar still need , we can offer a feathered friend to choose a convenient way to swim , which is exactly will appeal to your favorite winged .

Swimming in the wet grass
Wet grass is good because it creates natural conditions for swimming , because swimming in the wild parrots that way. Grass can be assembled on the streets or in the country, and can be purchased at a pet store fresh grass for the animals. Grass should be soft and clean , so you need a good outdoor grass wash . Herb put on a plate or tray and oilcloth her ​​parrot . Most likely the favorite way to enjoy this , and he gladly would rub against her with feathers .

Baths for parrots
At the pet store you can buy specialized bath and bathe budgerigar right into it.
Such baths are attached to an additional aperture in the cage. If there is no , then you can fix it in the main doorway . Kupalki made ​​of plastic or plexiglass and have a plastic cover that does not splash scatter in different directions. But this method to teach swimming parrot difficult as swimming like a big drinking bowl , and the birds begin to use it for other purposes.

Bathing in a platter
For swimming , you can use an ordinary dish . It can be put in front of the cell or the cell itself . Under the saucer can podstelit oilcloth or a piece of cloth to collect the spray. Bathing budgies in the saucer is very convenient. They can have fun running around the saucer and occasionally running into him.

"The effect of the tropical rain"
To do this, type the warm water in a spray bottle and popshikat parrot on top of them . If this method of bathing parrots like it, he gladly offered his feathers under a rain . But this bird can also scare . Then the parrot zamechetsya loudly zachirikaet . After this reaction should stop bathing with the spray and forget about it for some time. After a few weeks you can again try to atone for his parrot spray.

Bathing or showering trickle of water
You can do for birds to bathe or shower present budgerigar under a thin stream of water. Well, if the parrot manual, then it can be put to his finger and bring the water to a trickle. Water pressure to do so, to give the effect of a light shower of rain or trickle was fine. Bring the bird to the water and wait. Parrots should he take an interest in this method of swimming, and maybe it will start to move water. To prevent water from entering the nose or ears substitute parrot water wings. If a feathered friend does not want to swim - do not insist.

Pool A
To create a pool you can use the kitchen sink stainless steel . Drain plug to plug and get some water so that it covers the bottom. Put a bird on the edge of a sink and tap his fingers on the water to attract the attention of birds . This pool parrot can spread wings, a good splash as kitchen sink - ample space for swimming. But you can not leave a parrot for its security. Especially domestic birds like when the owner takes part in the proceedings of water .

Terms swimming budgies
There are certain rules for the organization of water treatments, the violation of which is not only a pleasure of swimming bird, but can harm the health of parrots:
  • temperature for bathing should be warm, slightly above room temperature (in the atomizer even warmer);
  • in the room should not be drafts;
  • the water level should not exceed 2 cm or be a parrot for kolenochki;
  • the room temperature should not be below 20 degrees;
  • kupalke water should be safe to drink, as the birds during water treatment drink it;
  • do not force the bird to swim;
  • parrots after swimming to dry do not need, especially a hairdryer;
  • Water should be poured after swimming to the parrot did not drink it.
Most parrots just love to take water treatments, they love to splash and frolic in the water like little children.