How to find out the sex budgerigar?

We decided to buy a budgie? Beautiful bird, not only would be happy to talk to you, but also will become your best friend. You will be able to carry out with the parrot real lessons to teach him to speak and perform various tricks. These birds are very smart, well trainable. Many people want to make of two parrots, birds are not to be bored, and someone decides to plant small parrots. It is important to remember that the two parrots, a boy will certainly be conflict and fighting. Sometimes quarrels ending injury or even death of one of the birds. It is necessary to know the sex of budgerigar before bringing it into the house. The best option - to buy two the females, or a boy and a girl.

How to find out the sex budgerigar?
Determine the sex of budgerigar can be on several grounds . However, it is not so simple. Carefully inspect the bird , watch it and do not forget the recommendation not to make a mistake . Otherwise you will have to seat two boys on different cells , or you will not be able to breed parr
ots , buying two females .
  1. Cere . Color nadklyuvnoy cere - the most pronounced gender- budgerigar . Cere is located on the upper part of the beak is an influx of the nasal openings. No feathers on it . Just get the cere and note its color .
  2. Cere young male.
    How to find out the sex budgerigar?
  3. Cere young females.
  4. Change the color of the male cere.
  5. Transformation shades cere in females. With 6 months from the females cere brightens and then it turns brown . But there is a time when you can easily confuse a female with a male : 4 to 6 months cere girls too blue . It is important to take into account the age of the female woodcocks . You can buy the older girl , who already began to form light iris around the pupil , and the ring around the nostrils faded . But it is better to pay attention to the behavior of the birds , as the parrot may be too old .
  6. Girls and boys : the distinctive traits. Pay attention to the behavior of birds to know the sex of budgerigar accurately. Females are more modest and quiet . They sing simple songs , not very fond of society. You came to the cage with birds and budgies immediately began to show you all its advantages , tweet and publish different sounds , spinning in front of you ? It is certainly a male ! They are much more active, bolder and more sociable females. And teach them to talk easier.
  7. Beautiful pattern . Males are attracted to the spectacular wavy pattern , which comes on the back and on the head. The lines are very clear . Gradually, they are a little blurry , but the plumage acquire new shades , varied and colorful . Parrots , girls can not boast of such a great outfit .
Choose parrots carefully, pay attention to details.