How to learn to speak Corell?

Talking cockatiel - not only entertainment for children, but also a great chance for adults to demonstrate their wit by teaching the poor thing to some sharp little witticism. These birds respond well to training, but before that should think about how to teach the bird expressions and whether to do it at all. It will have to listen to them every day, and more than once, and they can pretty bored, and eventually will also be annoying. But if you really really want to have a talking bird, then try to learn to speak Corell, previously read the simple rules of this ability.

Male or female woodcocks?
It is believed that the bird samochki reluctant to lend themselves to learning, and males are more capable . But this does not mean that learning needed to fly the Corell male . Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict whether your bird to talk , because it is more dependent on the individual characteristics and the relationship between the nymph and the owner than on the floor of a bird. Especially as the floor o
f the bird is difficult to determine to a certain age .

When to start training?
If the bird lives with you recently , you should wait a bit. Corelli hard to adapt to new housing. Education at this time will not bring any results. If the bird had gotten used to you, then you can safely begin . It is believed that the nymphs at the age of 9 weeks more inclined to learn and easy to give in to him . But even if your pet is older, but is active and constantly chatters , it can be easy to learn to talk .

Where to start training cockatiels conversation?
Vocabulary cockatiels have a small , but as practice shows and popular video hosting , birds are able to learn the whole song famous performers ! In addition, they can learn on their own to some liked the sound . To learn to speak Corelli need to be patient and to respect the bird some simple tips , not tested on a nymph :
  1. If the bird is very active, whistles and comes in contact with the owner, the best time to exercise is not found.
  2. The bird should fully trust the owner.
  3. In the training you need to allocate enough time , it is better to train in the morning and in the evening. For example, during breakfast Corell can be taught to say " Bon appetit! " , And in the evening , coming home from work , asking " How are you? " .
  4. Corellia, like a little kid, you have to be cautious in terms.
  5. To training is successful, and the results were immediate , need to constantly communicate with the nymph , her comment their actions. For example, every time he entered the room , talking bird , "Hi ! " . Since the word is repeated continuously during your appearance , the cockatiel soon she begins to shake with you.
  6. Corell can be taught to sing any tune.
  7. Corelli eagerly imitate the sounds the alarm and phone calls.
Always after school praise your pet and do not insist on training, if a bird does not want to deal with at the moment. The more understanding will be between you and Corelli sooner nymph will give you not only memorized the words , but meaningful speech.