How to wean a parrot biting?

Budgies are very similar to humans in that each of them has its own character and personality. And in which direction to develop these qualities - good or bad - to a large extent dependent on the host bird. Parrot biting habit can be a manifestation of aggression and tenderness to his owner. However, bites are painful and palpable pets can sometimes be quite fraught with unpleasant consequences for the owner, if the bird is sitting on the shoulder of the object of his attention to elect the eye or other part of the face of the owner. What motives pushing our pets to such behavior, and how to deal with this annoying habit of the birds?

Why did they bite?
In the natural environment parrots beak used only as a device to move from branch to branch or grinding tool for receiving solid food. Aggression among fellow standing suppressed stronger birds, so surrounded by birds parrots behave quite peacefully, mostly expressing their negative emotions disturbed or evil cries. Pet parrots may behave quite differently:
growing up in a society of people and often spoiled by their attention, they often begin to not only copy the voice, but also because of their sociability and observation may even adopt some of the traits of the owner. So, first of all start to search for the causes of aggressive behavior of birds from his relation to it. If in this area you have complete harmony reigns, reason "kusachesti" your pet can be covered are as follows:
  • If a young parrot, the way he studies the objects around him.
  • The parrot may try to use your hand or fingers as the master branch, and for the more he tries to secure the faster and close up its beak is not pulled back his hand.
  • The bird may bite if it is frightened and is in the cell.
  • The courtship period can also be a cause of aggressive behavior parrot.
  • Enthusiasm for the game parrot.
  • The attempt to attract attention.
  • Displays of affection.
  • Disease.
How to eliminate a bad habit?
  1. First of all, do not indulge too much bird or she decides to take the function of "master" itself.
  2. Do not push the bird to repeat his experiments with bites, responding to them too loudly and emotionally.
  3. Every time you bite the parrot managed to quietly take your finger or hand while saying sternly : "No! " . At the same time watch your facial expressions, that she also expressed dissatisfaction. Very soon, the bird will make the right conclusions and begin to respond to the forbidden word on the team.
  4. To give your pet to fully implement its own character, buy or make for him a small wooden toys (not covering them with paint or varnish!) Hang the items in the cell and the other most frequently visited places bird.
Be patience and forbearance when weaning the birds of the habit of biting, do not give a feeling of pity, as you would have liked to cuddle pet.