How to arrange a pajama party?

There are many different scenarios for parties. The increasing popularity conquering the lightest and relaxed pajama parties where all the most relaxed and can easily have fun and enjoy the fellowship. How to arrange pajama party for all the rules, get a lot of pleasure and fun with the original? Read the tips, a sample script to the following weekend to impress their girlfriends new wonderful entertainment. And to make vivid impressions unforgettable ... help your camera! You may well make a little album dedicated to your pajama party.

Choose a place and fitted him for pajama parties
Of course, it is necessary to arrange pajama party at home.
  1. Open spaces.Most suitable for fun most spacious and bright room in a house . If you have a lot of girlfriends , all in the same room will clearly be a bit crowded , it is worth considering the use of just 2-3 rooms . If the room is communicating , not problems at all . Just open the door and lock it to perfectly see each other and communicate together. Ideally, howeve
    r, it is worth to gather in one room - thus creates the desired atmosphere .
  2. Light or twilight.Decide for yourself what suits you . The best option - to simulate a pajama party present during the day. Please have fun under the bright light , and then go to the local lighting . Include sconces, floor lamps , nightlights . This lighting is perfect for watching movies , and intimate conversations .
  3. Furniture.On pajama party exactly need soft poufs , a big sofa or bed . Well, if the excess furniture you will remove just the next room. So you free up more space will be able to issue different room. By the way, the collective rearrangement of furniture , removal of bulky tables, chairs, even cabinet can become a fun start of your party . Let the guests themselves prepare a place for fun ! Together with you , of course.
  4. To make it convenient.Get rid of the large armchairs and hard chairs. The rest of the furniture in the room , move to the walls . Pillows , soft blanket, spread a blanket bright and lay on the floor. So it will be much easier to have fun , relax, talk and have fun with her friends . On the couch , too, is to scatter colored pads in the " creative chaos " .
  5. Appliances.What you will need to arrange pajama party at home with all the pleasures of life?
    • TV;
    • CD player;
    • music Center;
    • beautiful lamp;
    • microwave;
    • kettle or thermos with hot drinks;
    • curling tongs;
    • manicure device for drying varnish;
    • karaoke.
This, of course , ideal. But there is no limit to perfection ! Things just do not have time to do while the girls pajama party : they need to , and watch a movie and listen to music , and have a " salon " at home, and have a snack and a delicious hot meal . So all this technique you will certainly come in handy.

Preparing for the pajama party
By holding pajama parties need to prepare in advance. Be sure to tell your friends that you will pass it pajama party . It is perfectly possible to organize a holiday together . However, if you decide to capture the imagination of girlfriends scale , is to restrict the message of the " dress code " at the party. The rest they will see .
  1. Clothing.A bright highlight pajama parties - extravagant outfits mistress and all invited . It should advance to go shopping and watch yourself very bright, beautiful and memorable pajamas. Your familiar and tiresome procedure itself you will not approach pajamas ! Pyjamas must be brand new , colorful and unusual . In general , it's a real festive attire ! Just in a non-trivial style.
  2. Menu.Deciding to make a pajama party , do not forget to think about your menu . Typically, these parties are for a long time , and the guests do not have to stay hungry . Since your holiday will be fun , and the atmosphere - relaxed , the food must also meet the conditions. Well, if it will be easy to heat in a microwave oven . You will need :
    • different types of pizza - you need to please everyone, but people have different tastes;
    • sandwiches - they also need to somehow diversify, banal circles sausage and cheese slices on bread will not do, add some bright strokes: seafood, eggs, exotic cheeses, cold cuts;
    • Fruits: apples, peaches, mangoes, grapes, coconuts and kiwis, let it be more bright colors and healthy products;
    • smoothies, juices, hot drinks;
    • sweets: candy, cookies, cakes.
    Great idea - cook any dish together.
  3. Registration.
During cooking, always keep in mind the tastes and characters of your friends, try to arrange pajama party so that everyone was happy.

Example scenario pajama party
Even if you have a great imagination , a sample script you can not hurt. Then you can arrange a pajama party at home is so wonderful that the festival would be surprising bright and leave the most wonderful experience for all guests.
  1. We are waiting for the guests.You can hold a meeting in an original guests.
  2. The guests arrived.When all were assembled, standing together to take up the addition of your holiday by some strokes. For example, you can move the furniture together , gather in the "table" . Incidentally, the best place for the section in this case - on the floor. Staley specially bought a bright cloth on the floor. Just try not to step on your dishes ! It can be an impromptu "table" with her friends draw the perimeter small colored bedside lamps . It will look great .
  3. "Day" pajama party.First on your pajama party will be the day . Bright light entertainment. Take image and images of one another , arrange a real beauty salon . Pick the hairstyle , make-up, to create a unique style in real time, through fashion magazines . A lover of culinary delights can spend time in the kitchen preparing salads or original sandwiches , canapes right in the room.
  4. "Evening".That evening light is already possible to make less bright, turn lamp, wall lamp.
  5. We see off guests.Well, if after all the entertainment you also give something funny to your friends on memory.
Arrange funny pajama party at home! This format really brings , it helps to relax and forget about everything amassed negative. You will share positive emotions , have fun and get positive energy . Successful and vibrant pajama party!