How to make a cake out of money?

Increasingly, there are times when he came to the celebration , the guests give money. And this is due not to the fact that there is no time , imagination and desire to choose a gift . Just want to give something really right , that will not lie then " dead weight " in the closet or in the attic . And really who is not the owner , knows what it is better to spend money or whatever gift he wanted . But giving money to the card , or even worse - in an envelope fed up , I want to add the creative.

And here you can come to the rescue of the money cake that is sure to please the person to whom it is presented and cause a feeling of admiration from the invited guests.

How to make a cake out of money?
  1. To start with the bills.
  2. From the preceding paragraph it follows logically the question of how many layers will contain cake.
  3. Consider how you will make each layer . The easiest way to separately taken cake layer obtained from bills rolled into tubes that paper clips are attached to the prefabricated cardboard cylinde
    r height corresponds to the width of banknotes .
  4. Make a cylinder that will serve as a framework for the cake.
  5. Further - it is simple: fold the bills tube and attach clips to the top and bottom of the cylinder - base. Once the entire cylinder is closed outside a rolled bills ready layer tie colored ribbons on a circle . The first layer of the cake on a suitable place the shallow tray.
  6. For the next layer, take notes of another denomination and similarly secure them on the basis of a smaller diameter cylinder.
  7. When the second layer will be ready to put it on first and secure with glue or double-sided tape on the pre-specified on the cylinders petals.
  8. Similarly, make a third layer.
  9. Top of the cake and decorate with decorative paper beautiful bow of ribbon, which was used in the dressing layers.
  10. Do not forget to prepare the original congratulatory speech, which accompanied the presentation of the cake out of the money.
Cake of the money always causes a storm of positive emotions , like a man who presented him , and at the other guests . Most importantly, this cake is not only decorate the holiday , but also help out at a difficult time : it can always be dismantled. Cash Cake is useful by the fact that we have to save, build on its strengths , to seek extra income , so as not to spoil such a beauty , when a person in dire need of money.