How often can I wash a dog?

Most of us are so attached to their pets, that they consider their rightful family. And if so - then we assign their four-legged members of the household not only rights, but also needs to experience for yourself. And sure, they like it too. Although in reality it is very doubtful that a cat or a small dog get pleasure from bows, ornaments and sweetly orders, for which the owners have spared no effort or money. Sane people and owners of large breeds of animals are not prone to such design impulses, but paying much attention to the health and cleanliness of the pupils. And the question of hygiene is often a stumbling block between the dog experts, and among dog owners. In fact - how often you can wash your dog? And who needs it more - the dog, you yourself or third parties-centered sterility in the house? Let's try to reasonably answer these questions.

Hygiene and bathing dogs
Swimming - the most accessible and popular way of maintaining cleanliness. And not only the dog itself, but of the living space in wh
ich you and other members of the household inhabit with her. Especially where young children live and / or people with weakened immune systems. Rainy and slushy autumn, when after walking the dog brings home the mud on the feet and hair. But even in this case, you must not forget that even good intentions, including the desire for purity, should be moderate. Excessive zeal in this matter and can hurt the dog, and those you are trying to protect from dirt and bacteria. The fact is that during the cleaning you remove the natural fat from the skin of the animal grease, and its recovery will take some time. As for the people, their immune properties also require a certain load, without which eventually weaken. Therefore, the absolute cleanliness in the house dog owners can not be, so it is not necessary. On average, the need to wash the dog depends on the following conditions:
  1. Place of residence of the dog.Dog guarding the house from the outside and living in a hut in the yard, some owners do not wash once. And rightly so, because in the wild animals never bathed in such a way as humans do. But in a particularly frosty winter yard animals taken to sleep in the house - that before this you can easily redeem your guard. Such occasional bathing is not exactly bring him harm. But before you let your pet back to the door, make sure the hair is completely dry out, and the cold is covered with frost. The dog, constantly living in a house or apartment, it is permissible to wash often, but to focus on the real need for swimming, not for mistrust owners. For example, after a brief walking in dry weather it is not necessary to wash the dog thoroughly - just rinse it under running water legs.
  2. Frequency of walking on the street.Most dogs at least once a day, go outside to go to the bathroom and exercise. Typically, after a standard walk enough washing the feet and / or the parts of the body of the dog that got splashed. Some breeds of dog breeds do not need to go home and roaming in the tray. Accordingly, in the wash, they also need only in specific rare cases. Ironically, it is representatives of the owners of these miniature breeds are more likely to treat their pets as living toys and bathe them not by necessity, but by his own mood. Prohibit such treatment is impossible, but you can at least advise more often to lower decorative dogs with hands and allow them to walk down the street on his four, and even a little "get dirty" to follow swimming was justified.
    swimming, depending on the time of yearswimming, depending on the time of year
  3. Season.Rainy autumn and slushy spring bathing frequency is governed exclusively by necessity. In the summer, try to wash the dog, not more than that you can not do without. But let her vengeance dabble in open water: animals do regulate such bathing. In winter, wash the dog should be very careful and also not more than that required an urgent need. Wet hair can cause hypothermia and cold, and low-fat tap water is bad skin protects against the cold. But you can clean dog clean fresh snow, inviting her to lie in it, and then easily by rubbing the surface of wool and brushing the snow once before returning to the room. An important point: in winter it is necessary to thoroughly wash the soles of the dog after returning from a walk in the cities where the streets are often sprinkled chemicals to speed up the melting of ice.
  4. The breed of the dog.The vast majority of species, regardless of the type (guard, hunting, companion, rescue workers, and others.), As the sleek and more ragged, it is recommended to wash once or twice a year. Exceptions are decorative rocks, mainly artificially bred by selection and having a special structure of wool. Wool or, one might say, hair these dogs require special care. They can wash every week and it is necessary to use special detergents caring for sensitive skin and gently acting on the structure of the hair. Bathing of dogs usually agreed with a hairstyle and other hygiene (washing after shearing, and not vice versa). Part of the line breed like a poodle, on the contrary, are less likely to be washed.
  5. Age of the dog.Children, human and canine, get dirty more often than adults. However, it is not necessary to bathe a puppy under the age of six months, more often than once a month. Before this age the dog time to get used to the procedure for cleaning and then you can go to the general regime, ie, bathe your pet a couple of times a year and / or when absolutely necessary. Until then, until the puppy has not learned to control urination, you can wash away its not entirely bathing. Older dogs veterinarians advised to wash less frequently than usual, because their skin and hair becomes drier with age, and is a natural fatty film is restored longer than the young and active animals.
And, of course, should take into account the attitude of the dog to bathe. Most of them love the water treatments, but the task of intelligent hosts - do not go on about the pet and wash the dog when it is needed, rather than to treat it. A separate discussion deserve breed dogs have a specific smell. In the house with the dog owners with time "sniffing" and cease to notice the dog spirit, and foreign guests immediately react to it. It should be understood that even daily washing will not change the physiological characteristics of the animal and does not make its aromatic glands to work in an unnatural mode, but can hurt. It is therefore important to find a balance between the health and comfort of the dog people, for example, wash the dog smelling breed once a month using special soft shampoo.

Terms of swimming of adult dogs and puppies
Frequency of canine hygiene also depends on how well they are implemented. If you properly care for a dog and do not violate veterinary rules, the above recommendations on the frequency of cleaning will be absolutely enough to maintain the cleanliness of your pet at the right level and does not harm its natural health. To familiarize with the standards for washing dogs particular breed you can have when buying a puppy breeders, a doctor and / or from the literature. We recommend first of all to pay attention to such details:
  1. While bathing water and detergent must not get into the dog's eyes, nose, mouth and / or ears . To avoid this point the pressure of the shower or tap gently and do not set too high. Keep the dog's head . Inexperienced pups before washing , you can put in the ear passages cotton swabs soaked in vegetable oil .
  2. If water gets on the head of a dog , it can be frightened and tie wash with negative emotions . From the second rule : bathing should not be associated with the fear of the dog and / or coercion . Teach your puppy to swimming at an early age that this procedure does not cause him any misunderstandings or undue excitement as a rare holiday.
    Special cleanersSpecial cleaners
  3. Do not wash the dog soap , shower gel and shampoo , designed for the human body and hair. Dog skin is much drier than human , so the animals are produced special detergents gently cleanse , but does not dry the epidermis . There are also shampoos and conditioners for dogs with allergies , dandruff and hair tangling - pay attention to them when visiting a pet store . Only in case of emergency , you can wash the master's dog shampoo for dry and damaged hair.
  4. Before you lather coat dog shampoo dissolve in a glass of warm water, and only then transfer the resulting foam to coat.
  5. Rinse detergent thoroughly with water at room temperature, but not squeaky.
All of these recommendations and precautions are not accidental: their failure to comply may lead to injury or fright dog, then persuade her to swim the next time will be very difficult, and therefore, you can not wash your dog as often as required. But even if your dog is bathed with great pleasure, do not wash it with shampoo more than once a month. Too frequent washing first desiccate the skin of the animal, and then causes the sebaceous glands to work harder to restore moisture balance. As a result, hair becomes greasy, broken natural lipid balance and washing often requires unnatural. Some breeders are advised to alternate the use of conventional and dry shampoo - maybe, this way you will find convenient. But in any case, remember that the task of swimming - does not violate the protective barrier of the animal, and help him to maintain cleanliness and health.