How to care for Pekingese?

Buying a puppy of this breed , be prepared for the fact that you have to pay attention to him more than to any of his family members . And not only in the presence of a pronounced jealousy pet. You will have , in addition to basic care for a dog , it set a special mode of the day , which should be strictly adhered to. However, all efforts are the joy that will give the family dog of this breed .

Skin care Pekingese
It includes the following required items:
  1. Wool.Should be carried out regularly the following procedures:
    • combing - each day combing it with a soft brush main scalp and hair behind the ears and "skirt" with blunt sparse comb teeth;
    • Grooming - if a wool Pekingese regular care, it can not cut, but take into account the fact that the pet will be constantly shedding, especially in the summer, this time of year can be shortened a little cover;
    • bathing and drying - carry out this procedure once per month , please be special shampoo designed for long hair ; after bathing dry hair hairdryer using moderate air
      flow , so as not to dry up hair .

  2. Paws and intimate places.Thoroughly clean these areas after each walk, in order to avoid accumulation of dirt and debris in them.
  3. Nose.After a walk, lift a fold of the nose and wipe it with a dry swab under the fold should not be moisture and odor, if you notice their presence, the place sprinkle talcum powder.
  4. Ears.Inspect them as often as possible for inflammation, in which the pet will have redness and discharge of dark color;
  5. Teeth.Teach Pekingese cleaning the teeth from childhood, there are special brushes that are worn on the finger , it would be much more convenient for you and the dog ; not recommended for this use toothpaste designed for people - dog will swallow it , and it can cause stomach upset , paste for dogs in the security plan.
  6. Claws.If you are going to do this procedure at home , get special tongs ; using them neatly cut only the tips of the white not to touch the nerve endings ; it is very important for the first time successfully trim the claws of your pet , so that later he was not afraid , and you fully trust.
Common health problems in the breed Pekingese dogs and their prevention:
  1. Eye diseases.In order not to put in the eye infection pet , watch him for a walk , it is desirable to avoid contact with other animals ; sometimes Pekingese by mechanical trauma may fall eye if it happened wrap eyeball soaked in saline ( 0.9 % ) and take your napkin with the dog to the vet .
  2. Nosebleeds and cardiovascular disease.To avoid them is not a long walk in the hot weather, do not overload the Pekingese exercise.
  3. Herniated discs.It is characterized by paralysis of hind limbs, Pekingese predisposed to the disease genetically , it can manifest itself even with minimal physical exertion ; time to detect the disease may be on the following grounds : the dog starts to avoid touching the back becomes indifferent and neigrivoy .
  4. Urolithiasis.Pay close attention to whether there is frequent urination or delays, feed your dog in small portions, let's drink only fresh water.
  5. Perianal gland adenoma.Suffer from this disease only uncastrated males who have in excess of androgen hormones.
Pekingese Care also includes a gentle attitude and a love for the dog if she did not feel, it may flatly refuse to listen to you that will add significant challenges in education.