How to wean your dog bark at people?

Domestic dogs often bark waste at the passing cars, cyclists, pedestrians and ordinary cats. They love and show who's boss, meeting loud barking all incoming guests. There is also such a bad habit, like howling and barking of a pet left in the apartment in the dreary solitude. Since you do not want your dog considered rude Joe Blow, urgently take action! After all members of the family dog ​​- the animals are smart, so to wean the dog barking at people and vehicles can be. The best way to start raising the little dog as a child.

Drastic measures
Japanese wean pets from barking quite tough : they assign them to the operation of the intersection of the vocal cords . Another popular means : it is an electric collar. When Doggie begins barking , it gets an electric shock . It is quite painful , so the dog gets and severe psychological trauma.

Breeders in Russia offers a different, painless method that will help wean the dog barking at people even if not completely, but at least clean long hysterical barking and
make the dog obey the breeder.

But all this means for the lazy owners.

Education, wean from barking
If the dog meets your guests' heart-rending barking, try the next method of education: a long pull on a dog leash and using the Make command to lie down on his usual seat in the house. And at the same time one of the home let him come to the door, making loud noises. When Doggie begins barking, ask him a question: "Who came? Aliens? ", But did not pull up. It sharply pull the dog on the leash at the time when a family member came into the room, while strictly say, "No! Yuck. " Try to do so several times to secure the training.

The next step in the education of dog attract their friends that were unfamiliar.

To the dog did not suffice for your guests clothing , put it on a long leash . Ask strangers to her people to come into the room one by one . Once doggie will try to reach out to visitors with the intention to grab the edge of their clothes or to bark , pull sharply on the leash , giving the team " to me ! Sit! " .

If the doggie barks frequently , staying home alone , try again to apply the long leash . Leave the little dog on a leash in one room , and his assistant from among the home to another, even if he holds a leash . Go to the door and out into the entrance and start loudly stomping up the stairs . The dog starts barking when you realize that you are not home . A helper pulls the leash , gave the command " Place ! It is impossible ! " . Want to bring a calm and balanced dog - please be patient.

How to wean a dog barking in the street
But what about when the dog behaves quite quietly at home and on the street starts to bark at ordinary passers-by? Wean the dog barking at people on the street is also possible. And here to help training. Going out into the street, grab a spray can with a little water and a small spray bottle. Once Doggie starts barking at a stranger, drizzle into his face the water, commanded, "Silence!". Soon the time will be a dog show with a glass of water to keep him quiet. The main thing is to prevent water from entering the eye. When Doggie stops barking, give him something tasty.

Be sure to teach your dog the command " Voice " and " Hush ." Feeding "Voice" , show dog toy or a favorite treat , but do not give until the hall. When the dog master the "Voice" and teach him the command " Quiet ." Put the dog on a leash , command "Voice" . After say " Hush " and try to hold him to fall to the barking stopped. Stop barking - encourage .

Patience , respect and kindness you'll get the dog more than the beatings and screams. By the way, zoopsychologists argue that most of the dogs are barking in vain who live in families where abuse and cries - a common phenomenon . Try to keep the dog grew up in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere . Show him our sincere love. Indeed , as noted by the heroes of the classic cartoon " Bobik visiting Barbosa ": " Man dog friend ."