How to make a diaper cake with his hands?

Gifts for the happy parents of the newborn? Of course, something useful and necessary: ​​rattles, pacifiers, feeding bottles, booties, etc. And, of course, do not forget to reserve diapers needed kids anytime, anywhere. This gift will be especially valuable, and therefore it needs to be packed, respectively. How exactly? For example, the Construct of the diaper cake and decorate it with satin ribbons, stuffed toys and other trifles. Such cakes of diapers have long been a traditional gift for new parents in the United States and Western Europe. Yes, and we are gradually gaining popularity.

What you will need:
  • supply of diapers . Their number depends entirely on how big you are going to build a cake . Oh, and do not forget to check with the parents of the approximate size of diapers and preferred brand . In any case , in order not to miscalculate ;
  • roomy stand, which will be our cake.
  • stationery gum (they often pulls money packs).
  • beautiful cloth decoration layers of cake.
  • wide satin ribbon in white;
  • wide colored satin ribbons, rattles and soft toys for registration;
  • a bottle of champagne or baby food (for supporting structures).
  • in the center of the tray, set the jar of baby food or a bottle of champagne.
  • Put the jars or bottles around the first layer of the cake.
  • to the cake looked beautiful, each layer on top cover with a cloth.
  • Now wrap each layer of broad white satin ribbon.
  • shaped cake made of diapers decorate soft toys and rattles, ribbons of beautiful bright colored satin cloth.
That's all. For during transport design is not scattered and soiled , you can have the diaper cake wrap our transparent packaging film. Buy it can be in any gift shop . To seal the tape , use tape, staples or paper clips . Hide them help lush decorative bow .