How to prepare for FGSD stomach?

EGD stomach is high-impact method of examination of the esophagus stomach and upper duodenum. Thanks to this procedure, you can quickly identify diseases such as gastritis, peptic ulcer, duodenitis and malignant tumors. Medical procedures are carried out by introducing into the stomach through the esophagus special probe - the endoscope, which is displayed at the end of procedures. The duration of the survey is generally from 3 to 10 minutes. As with any serious medical procedure, EGD requires advance preparation to her patient, which is subject to a number of simple recommendations.

Preparing for the EGD stomach
  1. To create optimal conditions for the procedure EGD is best done in the morning, preferably in the morning.
  2. Since the survey due to the introduction into the digestive tract of a foreign object must be within 12 hours prior to undergoing EGD refuse receiving food and water.
  3. If possible, eliminate the medication for several days before the procedure, if these drugs have not been assigned to you specif
    ically for this survey.
  4. Before the procedure is not recommended to smoke, use a tooth paste or powder when brushing your teeth, and use the chewing gum.
  5. If you have dentures need to be removed before the start of the survey, in order to avoid the likelihood of ingestion or inhalation.
  6. Going to the EGD procedure, be sure to bring a slipper or shoe covers and a towel.
After the doctor extracts the endoscope , the possible presence of mild nausea or uncomfortable sensations in the stomach during the first few hours. In addition, the normal consequence of the EGD is pain when swallowing ; it is caused by the mechanical action of medical devices in the larynx. Receiving food and water available immediately after the procedure .