How beautifully photographed on AVU?

We can not imagine life without social networks. A picture that is used as avatars, daily through dozens of people. Sometimes you can leave unflattering record under the images, and all because they are not very successful, poorly chosen colors or too many visual effects. And as we know, on clothes that meet, it is important to choose the beautiful photos that will look good. To beautifully photographed on AVU, follow the tips below, and then you just do not have to blush from unexpected comments.

Choosing camera
Of course, it is believed that the photo on the SLR camera will get much better and more beautiful . This is not so . Quality, of course, have to be an excellent reflex camera , but a good picture can be done using a normal "boom box " or even phone . Keep in mind that the smaller the pixels contained in your device , the more lighted place you will need to pick up. To shoot in the medium lighting conditions , the camera will be sufficient to 5 megapixels.

Do not use the flash
Flash distorts the imag
e - accept this simple fact. Only if you are using a SLR camera with the optional external flash, your image will be completely accurate. At night, use the flash provokes the appearance of red-eye in pictures , but if this image is made , for example, during your summer vacation , your skin can be unpleasant red.

Pick light
The right choice of lighting greatly affects the perception of photography. Do not shoot in the dark, or use the backlight in the other hand, if you want to emphasize the beautiful light profile. As this can be a highlight of the ordinary table lamp. If you shoot in low light conditions, then the picture may make colored particles that photographers call noise - your camera tries to adjust to the low light conditions, and therefore tries to grasp even the smallest particles of light, due to which you and watch the colored "dust".

Select the location and posture
Well, if you try to avoid the overloaded background. Image for avatars look best those photos, which can be clearly seen the man's face . It is possible that it was removed to the waist , sometimes in full view. If you have a wonderful picture on the background of the fountain - leave it to the album as well as a tourist attraction can distract the attention of visitors on your page , and then very few people will notice that there are more photos and you .

Examine your old photos - in what position you look the most successful?

Ask the help of a friend
Optionally, look for another photographer (especially since it is constantly attacked by certain friends and acquaintances asking for free to remove one or two photos), just someone from the family who agree to pay you some attention. Agreed in advance that you want to get around, and where better to shoot you. Once you make 10-15 frames, see if they suit you. At this rate, you can easily re-shoot bad shots, or make sure that you are in the same position looks good, and you can move on to the next. For the best avatars to choose a photo of such a provision, which provides for the social network where you plan to load image - vertical or horizontal. It is better to remove the wrong than to suffer, as if cut prettier.

Correct handling
Sometimes you may need to adjust the image for which you must know when to stop . Try not to make too image contrast or to use non-natural colors and shading . If the photo suggests thoughtful or sad mood, you can try to convert the image to black and white look .

So you have on hand were several successful shots that you can use to Ava . Try not to change the picture every day. If you really really want to see all the best pictures were on the site of the main page of your photos , try to limit yourself to one update a week. Most people do not really like it when their friends too often change the picture.

How else to do
Several additions which do not at all worth it:
  • draw on the finished picture different patterns, hearts and do not understand the inscription;
  • If you're a girl, you do too bright makeup before a picture, then add or "war paint" in an image editor;
  • do not take pictures of yourself in a mirror or arm - it looks very ugly;
  • If you want to add your face more expressive, it is not worth inflating sponge duck.
  • cut your image to the photographs, which were once other people.
On this, perhaps , that's all. Finally there will be another suggestion - through the pages of their friends and talk about what you like avatars and why. Pick images that you seem to be the most successful , they could form the basis of the ideas of your own photos . So you can understand exactly how to make a beautiful photo of Ava , which is not ashamed to show many people from your Friends page .