How to ask for forgiveness from a friend?

Sometimes people quarreling . They did not agree were in a bad mood , a conflict of interest - the reasons for quarrels can be very different . Women are more likely to quarrel , and it is no surprise : they are more emotional than men , so that they are easier to offend . And we soon quarreled with a close friend that what he says or does , providing us a far greater impact than the opinions and actions of outsiders. In general, from whatever angle you look, a quarrel with a friend - it happens , and it happens often .

Just why it is not good for the soul ? No one to go shopping , to discuss the most pressing problems , advice on what to wear on a date, or just a cup of tea by the talk about anything. Tosca . And even worse , if you understand what is to blame in the quarrel , she hurt her . In this case to do? Of course, ask for forgiveness from friends and try to keep all the conflicts in the past.
Tolerating need faster
If you know what to blame, not to delay the apology . We all do not like when it turn
s out wrong , so admit it and ask for forgiveness - not pleasant. But , I think , she, too, is now a hard time , so why should " stretch the pleasure ?" Moreover, until now , you perfectly understood and always supported each other , so the most likely and now she will understand and forgive .

Do not make excuses!
Very bad tactic for reconciliation to add to the apology , "Well , you're very ..." or " You're too ... " . This wording can bring your quarrel to a new level , and this is not what you need now . Now it does not matter that it was " very " and that " the same ." You still have time to discuss it . It is better to make an apology to the details of how you're sorry that it happened , and how you miss your communication . Listen to your heart - and it is sure to prompt the right words .

No need to take it literally , of course , is not the money in an envelope to wear her friend , but some pleasant trifle - sure . Bake cookies ( unless, of course , it is not on a diet ) , or buy her favorite ice cream, suitable as cinema tickets or thrown out of your box , which she really liked . This is the case when it is important that you really think about it .

If you can not
It also happens that the offense was too strong, and even after you've apologized, girlfriend still does not want to maintain your peace initiatives. No need for her to be angry for it, because the conflict is not resolved at risk than ever. In this case, the best solution would be for a few days to stop build bridges. Maybe she needs a little time to cool down. Do not remind about yourself for a while. Then call and call her to go shopping, to go to the salon, or sit in a cafe. Most likely, during which time she was herself bored, she will accumulate the news that I have to share, and your relationship will be restored.

Thus , the conflict left behind, and the clouds in the sky gave way to clear your friendship sun. Now, one thing remains : Try to it , which is why there was a quarrel , and you had to ask for forgiveness from a friend , really never happens again.