How to post an ad on Avito?

Free classified ads has become an indispensable tool for the sale of apartments , houses, land , houses , cars , appliances , electronics, mobile phones, computers , pets and more via the Internet. Daily site audience of several million people will ensure that spending just a few minutes to ad placement , you will be able to quickly, easily and profitably sell goods without leaving your home.

Submission of ads on Avito should not cause trouble, but if you encounter any problems in this matter, we suggest to familiarize with steps to deploy.
  1. To avoid confusion, the possible blocking of all the ads and account you read the submission of ads on the site at
  2. Place your ad for Avito can only registered users. For information on how to become a full user boards we mentioned in the article as to create Avito . Registration on the site not only serve ads , and easily manage them from your account .
  3. After registration or login with your credentials, you will immedi
    ately find yourself in the section "My Ads" personal account.

    Button pdachi adsButton pdachi ads

    If you already have any ads on Avito, such a button may be missing.
  4. Fill out a special form of announcement. To do this, select a product category , town in which you live , write title and description , specify contact phone number . E-mail is automatically entered by default the one that made ​​registration site If necessary, you can change it .

    form for advertisingform for advertising

  5. Enter the price of the goods . The link " correctly indicates the price " on the site you can get acquainted with useful instructions on price , which will help to sell the product quickly and profitably . The price must be indicated in rubles without commas integer denoting a penny . The word "ruble" is not necessary to build upon . It will automatically appear when placing ads .
  6. Upload photos of goods on the site . For ads with photos of potential buyers have shown greater interest and confidence than to simple test ads . To add ads you need to click on the "Browse" button located next to " Photos " in the pop-up window to download photos from a local drive on your computer.
  7. Select a package placement "Normal sale" and click "Continue Service" Normal sale '. "

    choice of accommodation packagechoice of accommodation package

  8. Check the ad.

    finanaya stagefinanaya stage

    After verification of the declaration by the moderators, which on average takes about 30 minutes, the announcement will be posted on the website and will be available in his search.
At any time, through a personal account, you can edit the ads and for a fee to make it a VIP or premium ad that, in some cases, helps to sell the product quickly.

Do not break the rules and remember that Avito to perform real-time ads before posting it on the site and beyond.

Depending on the category selected in the ads and ad placement service package , it is placed on the site Avito 30 , 45 or 60 days . After the expiry of this period, you can activate it again. Do not create an ad again , as it violates the rules of service .