How to admit the girl in love?

You like a girl, you have decided to tell her about it? It has long been dealing with the favorite, but now there was a need to confess her feelings? Yes, many young people are given recognition in the tough love. Start to overcome doubts: whether it is worth talking about it? Will assess whether the girl? What words to choose? .. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You will easily be able to properly admit a girl in love, if you can do it with all your heart and approach the problem creatively. Do not be afraid to original and bold decisions - because you win the heart of a girl will make an impression on her, leaving vivid emotions! Let your confession be remembered for a long time.

What are your goals, why confess?
Well , if you a good idea of ​​what you need is a declaration of love . Of course, a declaration of love and a marriage proposal - is not the same thing . However, it should be remembered that just talk about their feelings , you take on certain responsibi
lities . There are several possible scenarios.
  1. Harmonious.I enjoy a Woman, honestly want to tell her about it. You do not exclude that in the future will become one family , and plan long-term relationships . In this case, your declaration of love is really honest and sincere , you will not fool favorite .
  2. Traditional.You yourself do not know yet exactly how close you this girl. Do you like her, but you can not make plans in advance. It is hard to imagine what will your relationship even after a couple of months. But you want to attract her attention, to achieve certain steps to make a favorable impression. Therefore, declaration of love. Please note that not all girls are smart enough and experienced to understand all the intricacies of male logic. When she hears the word "love", she immediately adds to himself - "eternal." Of course, you may wonder, and then it is logical to say that you did not talk about marriage. However, the young girl is able to accept your confession so. Try not to let your pet and do not push it on rash acts. Then you and do not find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. First Understand your feelings.
  3. Realistic.You know exactly what the family with this girl will be created. Actually, your feelings are not as deep as the love for you is no easy and noncommittal flirtation. Of course, in such a situation it is better to love is not recognized. However, if people know each other well, she has similar views to you, you can easily tell her about his feelings. Just do not forget to specify exactly how you imagine your future relationship. Even if a girl looks bold and daring, it can still in my heart to dream of the same "eternal love." Just talking about everything right and did not make a mistake.
Understand yourself and your feelings, you can safely begin to prepare for the declaration of love.

We recognize the girl in love right: the nuances of recognition
The best option would be to do this: to consult with inventive and clever girl who knows not only you but also your favorite. It could give you quite valuable and relevant advice, taking into account your individual features. Of course, this girl should be a reliable friend. However, you still will not be insured by the subjective view of your relationship. Suddenly your friend just starts to discourage you from recognition? .. Consider here a few different options for recognition of a girl in love and the important nuances. Quite objectively.
  1. Sincerity.Remember that the main thing in your declaration of love - sincere , not beautiful , but cold words . The most beautiful phrases seem too strict and " inanimate " , if you do not invest in them a real sense . The one that you are having a girl .
  2. Atmosphere.A major role will play the situation surrounding you . Note how it creates in theaters , clubs, circus. Agree , the opera would look strange in a nightclub setting , and circus - in the Philharmonic Hall . You need to choose the most suitable place for a declaration of love . There should not be too noisy and crowded. Well, if the atmosphere is conducive to romantic feelings and confessions - then it will be your " assistant " .
  3. Humor.Better not to admit the girl in love, when it is not in the spirit. If she just told you about the evil teacher , friend , or just a cruel complains of a headache , your words will not produce the desired effect . No need to " comfort " a declaration of love . This is a serious matter . Wait until your girl would be in a good mood .
  4. Details.Pay attention to details . For example, you find a good cafe and had decided to admit the girl in love there. And she did not like the menu. Or a waitress . You just need to sort out and start looking for another place. Remember that your loved nothing should distract or irritate when you tell her about your feelings .
  5. Your appearance.Of course, you are not required to wear a designer suit or dress suit , when you go on a date , wanting to admit a girl in love. But your appearance still must match the seriousness of the moment. It is important to look after themselves , look neat little solemnity also not hurt. For example, if you normally wear street clothes in sports style , you can wear for the occasion trousers and a T-shirt , nice jumper . In general , well , if she notices that you barely " dressed up ." She liked that she tried.
Taking into account all the details, it's time to choose a method and a declaration of love.

We recognize the girl in love.
You can select more than the traditional way of declarations of love , or choose an original way. Just remember that you must take into account the nature and taste of your girlfriend . Relaxed and homely girl can scare recognition at the height of bird flight , and the flight itself is likely to remain negative impression . Active girl is not very suitable romantic confession on a bench in a shady alley . It is better to be guided by the temperament of your favorite and show imagination .
  1. A romantic date in a cafe or restaurant.It is better to choose is not very crowded restaurant , where you will not distract noise, bright light . Recognition in a cozy setting , the table is quite traditional, but does not lose relevance . Just try to give it a special flavor . Give the girl some souvenir, something sweet and touching . Flowers, jewelry, toys and candies in beautiful boxes are always in trend .
  2. Recognition in nature.This can be a park, a lake, a beautiful walkway.
  3. Love is in the air.When your woman is not very afraid of heights , you will surely be able to impress her imagination , offering a romantic flight in a balloon. Already have risen high enough ? It's time to get your gift and say key words! They are required to produce an impression .
  4. Together in a boat.If you love to swim together, lake or river will also become a great place for recognition.
  5. Letter.There is another option . Write a letter . Real or virtual . Big message or short message to the phone . You can record the whole circulation in the video and send an email , post to the web . However, you will not be able to watch the reaction of the girl on your recognition .
Remember that girls more subtle spiritual organization than the guys and they pay attention to everything that the stronger sex may seem " small change ." Open space for creativity , be sincere ! She will certainly appreciate it and she will enjoy your declaration of love .