How to become a best friend?

Many girls dream of a wonderful friend: loyal, understanding, patient and reliable. But it is important not only to meet a man, but to be worthy of the friend. Friendship is not only because of lively parties, long conversations on the phone and sharing shopping. It is safe to say that to be the best friend - an art. It is important to be able to listen, establish contact, gently giving advice. At the right moment to support good friend it will come to the aid, if necessary, to convince not to commit an error. With such a friend is always a pleasure to chat with her not afraid to share a secret, talk about a serious failure. But we must learn to make friends, to bypass the "pitfalls" and to be attentive and sensitive person. Otherwise, the strongest friendships are able to destroy at one point.

We become a real friend.
Of great importance is the way people used to communicate. If he always says quietly , looking unsure of any of his advice may seem silly . When she was accustomed to command, make comments
, even pertinent advice easily cause irritation. Often, people do not pay attention to their behavior , communicating with friends. After all, they are among their own , they will understand. However, habits, tone of voice , gestures should be paid attention to , otherwise negative image gradually leave its mark on the relationship.
  1. Be softer.Be sensitive, do not behave dramatically.
  2. Follow gestures.Avoid "closed" key . Do not fold his arms and do not make any sudden " slashing " motions with his hands. Any companion, and your girlfriend including intuitive " decipher " sign language , will start an internal strain and discomfort .
  3. Do not interrupt her friend.Often, you can hear the girlfriend something fun to talk , interrupting each other . From this , too, is to get rid of the habit . It is good from time to time. Gradually, one of her friends start to get irritated , and immediately unlearn manner difficult to interrupt . Begin right now .
  4. Observe moderation.Of course, to argue with the assertion that one - the concept of day and night , not worth it. But the measure is necessary in everything. When something important had happened , and no friend can not do , and it can be trouble . Otherwise, a real friend , even offended , that it has not addressed the serious situation. However friendly relations can not be abused . The human organism has a margin of safety , and the need to protect the nervous system . Calls middle of the night did not inspire even the most close friend .
  5. Learn to listen.Listening - an art. Even if it is not given to you , master all the intricacies gradually. It is important to listen carefully without interrupting , insert relevant only replicas . Be sure to respond to a speech , give his assessment or advice , but delicately . Never move the conversation to another topic , if a friend wants to discuss something different , disturbing her .
Try to be a pleasant companion . Suddenly, you do not have an opportunity to show his love for her friend to help her ? The impression of a man consists of a variety of factors , sometimes annoying little thing becomes a serious obstacle to the establishment of this contact. Since you should be nice , easy to talk to . Be sincere , sensitive , gentle and soft , avoid sharp statements . You never know what suddenly hurt your girlfriend .

How to become a best friend?
Communication involves a lot of nuances. There are defining moments , as well as a number of important details. How to become a best friend , strengthen relationships , the friendship did not stop ? Take this note to her friend , as you dream of yourself, but do not forget to take into account its character . Get ready to lean on in difficult moment , I sincerely share the joy of victory , do not bring envy or jealousy . Then you become a true friend .
  1. More common.Learn how to properly plan the daily routine , be sure to spend time communicating with his girlfriend. Habit plays a big role . When people understand each other , but rarely meet, talk , it's difficult to call friendship.
  2. Monitor the situation.If a friend does not call and do not write for a few days, you need the most in touch with her.
  3. Do not skimp on the good words.The usual kind word, a good joke can cheer up, to get a look at everything from a different angle.
  4. Ray positive.Agree that forever preoccupied with something girlfriend, telling about the never-ending problems , little by little , and you will drive into a state of stress. Of course, it will cause sympathy , but from an instinctive desire to limit the communication will also be difficult to get rid of. Try to see the positive side of life , even if you do a lot of problems . With submerged depressed person it is difficult to make friends , you'll need in such situations, and most efforts to deal with and the circumstances .
  5. Be sincere interest.Sometimes it is necessary and something to change, to become her best friend . You must sincerely interested in the case and a class of your girlfriend , everything connected with her ​​life , loved ones . Suppose that you are far from it a hobby, or you 're for different teams - learn to behave so that you have nothing to share with your favorite friend.
  6. Compliments.Always try at the right time to cheer her friend.
  7. Be objective.Remember, the best friend will not only please the good word , but also show that it is necessary objectivity. It is important to give the right advice to be able to properly express their views . You certainly can not just keep her friend showed her the error. Such comments also have great value.
  8. Be sensitive.All dream of a friend who had noticed a bad mood, ask the question, will understand without words. This is not magic. Just a sensitive person who is interested in the life of a sincere friend , is able to understand and anticipate everything . Try to pay attention to the nuances of tone , facial expression of your friends , all the nuances of her behavior. Even if she did not immediately dare to tell you about some problem , you should solve its own mood and ask what happened .
  9. Forget about jealousy and envy.If you decide to become a best friend forever forget about envy and jealousy . Between these friends will not rise , even the most beautiful man in the world , and all the achievements of each other, they will celebrate together. It is important not to see her friend rival in anything it does not compete. The only way to make friends really trusting in everything and not being afraid of betrayal.
  10. Appreciate your relationship.You communicate with a friend for many years ? Accustomed to her? I still do not lose the freshness of impressions , do not lower the bar of your relationship. I appreciate your friendship , that she always makes you vibrant feelings , and never becomes something ordinary .
Become best friend is sometimes difficult. It is important to ensure full understanding , be sensitive , caring . Best friend always support at a difficult time , it will give valuable advice and will be able to convince to do a rash step . With such a nice friend to chat , have fun and be sad . She did not forget the solemn date , and the first to offer assistance immediately notice if something is wrong. Excellence, be sincere and considerate , soft and knowing that about you be able to say with all my heart : " She's my best friend ! "