How to learn to control your emotions?

Bright negative emotions, which are causes of anger, irritation or resentment, often forced to commit rash acts and to say unnecessary words. Can you learn to control your emotions? Of course. And you need to start by acknowledging the fact that you are not your emotions are controlled or monitored very bad. Therefore, the first task will be curbing their awareness and regulation of emotional displays. The ability of man to keep emotions under control much easier life. Such a person will never say too much and would not hurt a neighbor.

What is the source of negative emotions?Most people believe that their negative emotions are born as an answer to someone's rudeness , rudeness , indifference, apathy , and so on . The true reason lies in an entirely different plane - is the inability of man to understand himself and to adequately express their feelings , thoughts and emotions .

First of all, it refers to people who experience irritation, anger and resentment, and often at the slightest provocation. They are
dissatisfied with others and believe that the emotional showdown they are driven by a righteous sense of justice. However, the real driving force is the negative manifestations of the unconscious dissatisfaction with their lives. A person can not or does not want to admit to himself that his gnawing fear, lack of confidence in their own abilities, frustration from the inability to achieve more in life ... It is much easier to hide from internal problems, showing resentment towards others and giving vent to their emotions.

Equally rare situation where a person accumulates over the years negative. Sooner or later there comes a time when there is no more strength to endure, and the negative splashed on others. As a rule, in this case the most likely to suffer the most close and defenseless . The root of these problems lies in the inability of a person in a timely manner to resolve the situation. Instead of calmly understand what is happening , the person " stores the " in my soul rage , resentment , anger , envy, without thinking that sooner or later will be crowded patience .

The source of negative emotions in our time is the media , where the pages of newspapers and TV screens at us pour streams of aggression, violence , blatant lies and hypocrisy . Company absorbs the aggression and negativity , and we often meet in life with displays of brutality and cruelty. In this case, the need to control their own emotions increases many times .

How to learn to control emotions?
If you can understand what makes you react violently to what is happening, consider that you will soon be able to take control of their emotions.

Have you noticed that you often visits fear for relatives and irritability after watching the criminal news ? Just stop watching such programs . Frequently switch to the channel "Culture" - it will give a lot of food for the mind and soothe the soul. Do not watch political news and analysis programs , they often suggest trevonye sad thoughts and make angry.

It is much more difficult to " rebuild " yourself if you understand the cause of your emotional incontinence became dissatisfied with his life. This is a difficult situation for introspection , so break it into many small problems and solve each individually.

For example, your household ever angered you. Five year old son - because it does not take away their toys and clothes in place , and throwing things around the home . The husband - because unable to wash for even a cup of tea , and everything just adds up to the sink . And that's not all claims that you're willing to show it .

Are you angry at his son every day and scolded him for it yourself hover order. Your child did not deserve such treatment . Firstly, because it is you who are not instilled in him a love of order with 2-3 years. At this age you could explain to his son that after the game machine " need to put in the garage ," and remove the cubes in a box , so they did not panic , and do not have to search all over the apartment , when he wants to play. A book all love to live only on a desk or on a bookshelf . Therefore, after reading they should return to their "houses" .

Your child has grown . And now, to teach him to order , you will need other words and arguments , find them , explain to your child and be sure to bring him to clean . Praise him , saying , that his toys are grateful to him , and now they live much nicer than before.

And what about her husband? Are you waiting for the moment when he would guess that he left the cup annoy you? A more correct would be if you just talk to him. Say been waiting for, he finally starts to help you even in such trifles as utensils. Say what you really need his help, and what is needed. Do not hesitate to talk about their feelings and call them by their names, "I hurt you ..." "It annoys me when ..." and so on. Be sure to emphasize that you - family and you would be the happiest man in the world, if your husband with you participated in solving all cases, domestic work, that for you is the most important.

If you want to be heard and the son of her husband, Tame your negative emotions, talk calmly and argue their arguments and claims.

But if members of the family , everything is clear , skirmishes in the store, public transport or with colleagues solved differently. In life, we are not always surrounded by people who are pleasant to us . But that does not entitle us to throw out the negative, even if we provoke a quarrel .

Chinese sages said : "No one is not your friend and not your enemy no one , but everyone you - the Master ." No matter how bad your opinion or was the man to spoil your mood, it is sent to awaken the best feelings in you - patience, understanding , wisdom , the ability to think and make the right decisions .

How to learn to control your emotions?Evil man cad or insolent, think from the standpoint of this philosophy. After all, he really sent you the destiny to test you strength. So do not give in to provocation. Keep calm in a situation where you swearing fray impartial officer or rough replica of the seller, will control. Do not give in to emotions. Look at the situation from the outside. See literally. Consider detail face chief - both his nostrils flaring as ugly folded lips what unpleasant eye. You do not want to look the same? Therefore, you need to behave differently. If you have the courage, after tirade ask: "You were shouting so that I did not understand anything. You can repeat the same calm tone? "Do not worry about what to say or think the boss. Whatever his reaction, you win this round.

Well, the seller-ham does not need to waste time and nerves.

Always "listen" to what is happening in the soul - your goal - to calm acceptance of any events.

Change the negative to the positive.
There are even more simple and enjoyable way to learn to control their emotions. If you understand that negative emotions prevent you live and build good relationships with others , it's time to take care of positive emotions . After all, we spills out that overwhelms us . And if your soul will be filled with positive emotions , it will benefit everyone!

Where to recharge with positive emotions ? Yes, everywhere! Start with your own environment . Choose people who are always laughing, joking , they are in high spirits . Communicate with them and contacts with whiners , boring and kicker cut to a minimum.

See only fun , good TV . Read books about nature, about the cosmos , about the life of famous people. Be sure to walk a lot outdoors. If you have a family , it is better to do it all together - play while walking , picnics in nature, walking their pets along .

Be sure to enjoy a some sports or fitness.

All in your hands.