How to obtain the citizenship of Latvia?

Latvian citizenship opens man of Europe. It automatically enables its holder in the number of EU citizens to move freely and allows both within the Schengen area and the entire European Union. Holders of Latvian citizenship can not only travel in Europe, but still live and work in any of its countries. For entry into the United States for citizens of Latvia do not need a visa. These and many other advantages make Latvian citizenship attractive to foreigners residing or intending to live in Latvia or one of the countries of Europe.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Latvia "On citizenship" (adopted by the Saeima 22.07.1994, effective from 11.08.1994) to obtain Latvian citizenship in three ways:
  1. The registration status of a citizen of Latvia;
  2. In recognition of the citizens of children who were born after 08.21.1991;
  3. By naturalization.
The easiest way to become citizens of Latvia:
  • children who have at least one of the parents has the status of a citizen;
  • persons who had Latvian citizenship to 06.17.1940,
    and their descendants;
  • Latvians and Livonians, permanently residing in the country.
Questions about obtaining Latvian citizenship are resolved by the Office of naturalization.
How to obtain Latvian citizenship by naturalization?
Obtaining citizenship Latvians , Livs , the children of Latvian citizens and descendants of those who had Latvian citizenship to the 40 -year, presents no particular difficulties. Most of it can be given automatically on the basis of a number of documents : birth certificates , civil passports of parents , grandparents , etc.

Latvian citizenship and residence permits
In case you need to obtain Latvian citizenship to a foreigner , you may have some difficulties. First of all, they are associated with temporary and territorial problems . Citizenship of the Republic of Latvia are available only through the two types of permit - temporary and permanent , the general term of ten years.

To obtain a permanent residence permit is the absence in the country over the past five years can not be more than six months in a row , or one year intervals. An exception can be made ​​only for those who have had official status of unemployed in Latvia, studied or treated in another country . Permanent residence permit is also necessary to maintain a presence on the territory of the country . Travel outside Latvia can be for a period not more than one continuous year.

What you need to obtain the citizenship of Latvia?
Get Latvian citizenship for Russians after ten years of official residence can only be subject to a number of related conditions . Applicants for Latvian citizenship have to know , and thus pass a test , the following things :
  • Latvian language;
  • the basic provisions of the Latvian Constitution;
  • the national anthem and the history of the country.
Latvian citizenship may be granted to persons who have renounced their previous citizenship , sworn allegiance to the Republic of Latvia and having a legal source of livelihood . Children who have not yet turned fifteen, may obtain citizenship of Latvia together with their parents .

To obtain Latvian citizenship is necessary to pay the state fee or get a document giving privileges or exemption from its payment.

Is it difficult to learn the Latvian language?
In obtaining Latvian citizenship stumbling block for many becomes the Latvian language . Pertaining to the Baltic language group , it difficult to read people speaking Russian and other Slavic languages. Quality learning and memorization Latvian prevents rapid and that a significant number of Latvian citizens speak it quickly , vaguely and not always correctly.

Meanwhile, the Latvian - language simple . He has a clear grammatical structure , a relatively small amount of basic tokens , a simple system of rules ( for example, "not" with verbs in the Latvian language are always written together , and exceptions to this rule is not) . The most complicated and almost uncontrollable Russian language instinct sounds are long vowels to be said , to hear and play on the letter.

To obtain Latvian citizenship must pass the Latvian language in the category of not less than B1. Classic exam consists of four parts : listening, reading, writing and dialogue. Each part of the exam is divided into its subparts . The assessment of the happening of the test system. The correct answer and perceive language , the more points you get on the exam. Upon delivery to the category B1 is enough to dial 51 percent correct answers . When dialing 76 percent or higher can be obtained category B2.

This will not give the citizenship of Latvia?
On the citizenship of Latvia can not claim the people employed in public or military service of foreign states. Representatives of the secret services and internal security forces of other countries can also forget about Latvian citizenship. Not welcome in the Baltic states and criminals, convicted for more than one year items recognized in the territory of Latvia. Distributors nationalist, fascist, communist, totalitarian and chauvinist ideas and, most likely, will not receive citizenship of Latvia. Persons seen in illegal actions against the independence of the Baltic countries, especially no hope - traitors in Latvia do not like.