How to learn a funny joke?

Learn funny joke would like very much. This is especially true representatives of a strong half of mankind. After all, a sense of humor is highly appreciated among the beautiful half of it. The ability to laugh at the man - it is the same thing that a huge bright tail of a peacock, antlers of a deer or leaping nightingale singing. That is the way to attract attention and win the hearts of the greatest possible number of individuals of the opposite sex. We have a sense of humor, and other functions. Jokers, as a rule, are the soul of any company, everyone wants to communicate with them, they are called on all parties and other events. A sense of humor helps to join a new team or honorably get out of a difficult or awkward situation. And finally, with a sense of humor is simply easier to live and get pleasure from life.

Is it possible to learn a funny joke and develop the talent comedian or it is given from birth ? Try exact worth . Not all famous comedians are born with a great sense of humor. Moreover , th
ey say that in the life of many of them - sullen , silent people . So the humor for them - it is work . A job can be learned.

Zadornov , Petrosyan and Comedy Club residents create their jokes on the same patterns that Krylov , Gogol and Saltykov-Shchedrin , two hundred years ago. You too can create jokes if they understand the structure and learn about the basic techniques of wit . Of course, some knowledge is not enough here . It needs constant practice . At first you might be is not very funny , but over time your ability to connect different ideas , creating something new and fun , be sure to develop.

What is a joke
Why are some phrases or situations seem to us ridiculous ? Researchers humor has long answered this question . Laughter causes surprise and contradiction. You thought that the phrase will continue so, and it was continued quite differently. Situation calls for a development of the standard , but in reality everything turned unexpectedly .

Example: a dialogue between husband and wife

M: - Where have you been, already one in the morning!
F: - In the club.
M: - You're without me go to clubs?
F: - So what?
M: - But I'm with the guys.
M: - Well, the guys and I ...

So the joke is composed of three main parts:
  1. Intonation, which describes the situation
  2. Traps that inadvertently creates in the mind of the listener an idea of ​​the possible development of the situation
  3. Surprise - the situation is developing an unexpected and unusual way.
In this joke all three of these components are very well seen . Given a standard situation : the husband meets his wife, who later returned home . He blames it is justified . The listener subconsciously waiting for the usual excuses : cork, stayed with friends , etc. It's a trap. We expect a surprise: an excuse, which no one could have foreseen and which sounds very funny because of its non-compliance situation.

Receptions wit
To learn how funny joke, you should know not only the structure of a joke, but the basic techniques of wit, which jokes are built.
  1. False opposition.This technique consists in the fact that the second part of utterance shaped like contradicts first, but in fact, on the contrary, it increases.
    It is better to overeat than not have enough sleep.

    We have a lot, but often.

    Another example:
    All the teachers put him two and predicted career janitor besides singing teacher who put the unit on and off in his cleaners bear enclosures.

    The phrase of Ostap Bender: "Nobody does not like us, apart from the criminal investigation department, which also does not like us" is also an implementation of this method.
  2. False gain.This welcome opposite to the previous . The shape of the second part of the statement as the first increases , but actually it refutes . An example is the phrase occurs in one of the books of Mark Twain : "I seem to have enormous reserves of mind - to them poraskinut , I sometimes takes a week ."

    It reminded me of the Venus de Milo: the same old armless and toothless.

  3. Reductio ad absurdum.Some thought is developed to such an extent that it becomes absurd, ridiculous and so funny.
    Wide trousers are wide, with the Black Sea (Gogol).

    His pajamas could cover four fire trucks.

    She was so impregnable that it even flies do not sit down.

  4. Unexpected comparison.There is a standard set of comparisons, which is used on a particular occasion.
    Cold as of yesterday dumplings.

    Cold as the nose polar explorer.

    Another example:
    Imagination had developed much like a bus.

  5. The absurdity.The absurdity is that the terms comprises mutually moments logically inconsistent with each other.
    Once there was a dead princess.

    A man descended from monkeys, but with God's help.

    Another option absurdity - is when doing wrong and absurd conclusion on the basis of secondary signs.
    Moldovan scientists say that the earth is not round.

  6. Mixing styles.When talk about everyday situations or high- scientific style , it can turn out funny. Other variants are possible : a description of current events , or retelling old Russian language works of world literature and fairy tales with reduced vocabulary or " give a damn about ." For example:
    When Ilya Muromets leaned back from the stove, he is kipesh accept that Dragon zanykal in mink and Nightingale the Robber walked in front of him Zirl.
  7. Hint.When using this technique to avoid the use of expletives and insults.
    In the train compartment traveling Englishman and an American.
    - Do you mind?
    - No, really.

  8. The double meaning of the word.It uses the ability of certain words (homonyms) have completely different values ​​for the same sound and spelling.
    - And this comes to him with a scythe.
    - Death, or what?
    - No, Tymoshenko.

    From children's humor:
    - Three calf - how many feet?
    How many calves or three feet longer will.

  9. The irony.Reception when they say the opposite of what is intended.
    - How do you know that a lawyer is lying?
    - His lips are moving.

    Diplomat - a person who can send you to a known address, so that you would be glad to travel.

  10. Comparison on the basis of random.When using this technique objects or phenomena are compared over the secondary or occasional basis.
    It acts like a pillar: you can not cross, and you can get around.

    I do not like money, they are bent on the corners.

  11. Paradox.Sometimes a minor alteration famous utterance makes it paradoxical or contradictory and illogical.
    Nothing to do - the hard work.

    The best way to get rid of temptation - to yield to it.

The most important thing in every joke is that she should be delivered to the place and by the time.

This article was prepared using the materials of the book VV Billevich