How to choose a bread maker?

If your family loves fresh crusty bread, and you can not visit shops in the bakery for the purchase of this bread, in this case it makes sense to think about buying a home bread maker. This compact device vypechet you home like a normal bread and fragrant loaf of bread with various additives. Bread maker may also be useful to those who is suspicious of a commercially available food because of the possible presence of harmful food additives and preservatives, and prefers such products tasty and healthy homemade food.

What is a home bread maker? Bread maker for home - a metal container (oven) for baking a loaf of bread with its built-in wall heating elements. This container may be enclosed in a plastic or metal housing and the top cover is closed with window, and (or) a boot for a dispenser of various additives, such as seeds, raisins, nuts. It included bread machine baking dish that has usually non-stick coating. The top cover is also provided with control buttons by which different baking program set diff
ering temperature and duration of baking. What should I look for when choosing a bread machine?

The volume of baked products.
This parameter must meet the needs of your family , based on the average daily consumption of bread. The most common bread machine 900 g, 1000 g , 1250 g and 1500 g of the output of finished products in the form of bread. In addition , there are models that allow you to select the weight of the finished product , or bake several small loaves .

Functional characteristics.
In addition to direct baking bread bread machine can have an impressive list of advanced features such as prigovleniya jams, muffins , cakes and a variety of sweet desserts . The wider functionality , the more expensive will cost the appliance .

Most often it is a standard rectangular shape. It may be made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy and has a protective non-stick Teflon coating . In order not to damage the coating , removing the need to finished loaf with wooden ruler , and the very form of processing before cooking oil.

Timer and dispenser.
The function of the cooking baking timer possess all the bread machine . It allows you to delay the start of a batch to a few hours . For example, you can program the night with cooking bread in the morning for breakfast and enjoy the taste of fresh bread .
Dispenser - a container for food additives in baked bread. You only need to fill nuts, raisins, sunflower seeds , or in a special container and the bread maker will add their own dough. Models with Bread dispensers are more expensive , but you can always do without it and add these products to the dough yourself.

Additional usability provide the text display.

The process of cleaning the bread machine significantly facilitates the removable cover.

Safety functions.
As an electrical device increased risk bread machine is protected against power surges from children and away from heat.
If eletroseti observed surges, or turn it off, that our country is not uncommon, the surge protection function becomes very relevant.
It allows the baking process to resume from the point where it was interrupted when off time does not exceed a few minutes.
blocks on the top cover of the baking time, the child in the process of understanding the world did not change the pre-set program, or was injured by hot parts baking.

Technical specifications and dimensions.
The power of these devices ranges from 400 to 900 watts. Powerful bread machine will provide greater performance . Dimensions must take into account the shortage of space in your kitchen . The weight of these devices ranges from 4 to 8 kg.

Also ask about the warranty period and the availability of service centers have interesting producers.

Good luck choice, as well as delicious pastries!