How to stretch new shoes?

Almost every problem encountered when buying in a store treasured new pair of shoes , and when he got home , it appears that the new thing is a bit small . You should not blame their inattention : probably you so much liked the footwear that you did not notice , as it shakes you a little bit . What to do? You can return to the store a couple (you had to keep a check ) , and can stretch new shoes , using the guidelines below . Their result will depend primarily on the material from which the shoe is made .


Method 1: The Cost
There is nothing easier than to apply to the problem to a master shoemaker . He is professional, just say you will undertake such work . If the answer is yes, then the next day you get back to his mate , became a little more .

This method is less risky, but still has its pitfalls:
  • Not all shoemakers have appropriate equipment;
  • In large cities, it can be quite expensive.

Method 2: Simple, but rare
Some stores sell special impregnation that can stretch the skin and increase your shoes. She sold
in aerosol form , which should be abundantly sprinkle a couple inside, and then just put your shoes on your feet and wear until the moisture is completely dry. Put on your feet shoe covers , not to spoil the skin on the feet before going to use this method.

Less of this method is that spray that is hard to find, it is not found in all cities and in all stores.

Method 3: Vodka
Alcohol is also able to stretch the skin.

Minus way that the procedure must be repeated several times, as the alcohol is not working as fast as purchase impregnation.

Method 4: Slippery
Buy a tube of Vaseline . It costs 20 rubles Grease shoes inside this tool , and then a couple of break in your apartment. A very effective method , many use it. Petroleum jelly softens the skin and helps to stretch new shoes size .

The downside is that then have to wash your pair of Vaseline.

5. Method Natural
Vegetable oil, for example, sunflower oil, also used by some people as impregnation Tensile shoes.

Method questionable, as is the hardest to scrub oil from shoes.

6. Method Paper
You can help damp newspapers, which is necessary to fill the inside of the shoes to keep them dry.

The downside is that no one knows how to react to your new couple is to her treatment.

7. Cold Method
A very unusual way . Enclose each shoe / slipper on a plastic bag , pour the water back and tie . Leave in the freezer overnight and in the morning you can safely wear ! Water expands when it freezes and expands shoes. It is convenient in that it is not necessary to go all night in an uncomfortable pair and stretch yourself - refrigerator will do everything for you.

Less may be that some of the synthetic materials may crack due to a very low temperature, so it is better to use this method for shoes made of leather.