How to pray at home?

Home prayer is not much different from prayer in the temple. The only exception is that it is allowed to remember all without exception, people , regardless of their religious affiliation. The church decided to pray for "our " and just mentally not to disturb others . Houses can pray out loud , provided that it is not annoying relatives. In prayer you need to become fully clothed . For women , it is desirable to have a handkerchief on his head , and be in a dress or skirt.

On what to pray at home?
The conversation with the Lord can be conducted both in their own words , and ready-made "formula" , worked out long before us by many generations of believers. Classic prayers contained in the " Prayer " (" canons ") . You can buy it in any shop of religious literature . " Prayer " can be brief ( containing at least the necessity of prayer ) , complete ( intended for priests ) and ... the usual ( which is all you need for a true believer ) .

If you want to pray to really pay attention to the fact that in your "pra
yers" were:
  • morning and evening (before sleep) prayers;
  • day (at the beginning and end of all things, to the eating and eating of food, etc.);
  • canons on weekdays and "Canon of repentance to our Lord Jesus Christ";
  • hymns ("Sweetest our Lord Jesus Christ", "Mother of God", etc.);
  • "The Service for Holy Communion ..." and prayer, recited after him.
Modern "Prayer" are available in Church and "Russian" language, reproducing Church Slavonic word familiar to us letters. And in fact, and in another embodiment, to put the emphasis on the words. People unfamiliar with the Church Slavonic (Old Church) language is better to pray for "Russian" "Prayer." Once the basic prayers will be learned and perhaps even learn, you can get more "ancient" book. It's worth doing if only for that grace which comes from Church Slavonic words. It's hard to explain, so just take my word.

In addition to the " Prayer Book " for home prayer can buy " Psalms ." In Orthodox practice reading one hundred and fifty psalms should be implemented this week . V " Psalms " made ​​read twice . In "Glory ... " comes the remembrance of the living and the dead. Orthodox Christian can read the " Psalms " at the tomb of the deceased.

Reading "Psalms" - something serious and responsible.

Prayer Rule
Each of us is in its point of a long journey to the Lord. Each of us has its own temporal and physical abilities to pray. Accordingly, a single prayer rule for all does not exist. Everyone should pray as much as he can. How exactly? It should identify the priest .

Ideally, each of us should have to read morning and evening prayers. They are necessary for the protection of the soul during the day (morning) and night (evening) from the evil forces and the people. Those who start their workday very early or, on the contrary, it ends too late and did not have either the time or the strength to read the entire morning or evening rules may restrict basic prayers: for example, in the morning to read the "Our Father", "Have mercy on me God .. "(the fiftieth Psalm) and the" Creed "in the evening - the prayer of St. John Chrysostom," Let God arise ... "and" Confession of sins everyday. "

If you have free time and desire , you can every day to read the relevant canons : for example , on Monday to pray to their guardian angel , archangels and angels , Tuesday - John the Baptist , on Wednesday - Holy Mother of God , etc. Reading " Psalms " also depends on your possibilities , wishes and time.

Prayer before meals and after - something mandatory.

How to pray before Communion?
The answer to this question is usually contained in the " Prayer ." We just remind you that all the prayers committed to the Communion , deducted at home on the eve of the sacraments . On the eve of Holy Communion is necessary to attend the evening service , then with the peace of mind you can begin to pray . Before Communion must read :
  • "The Service for Holy Communion ...";
  • three canon of repentance, the Guardian Angel and the Blessed Virgin Mary;
  • one of the hymns;
  • full evening prayers.
How to pray at home?
Home prayer is before the icons standing with the cross and bowing.

In prayer, it is desirable not to be distracted by extraneous things - phone calls, whistling kettle, flirting pets.

When extreme fatigue and a great thirst for prayer is permitted to pray sitting.

Despite the fact that prayer requires some concentration and attention , it is helpful to pray, and through force. Our brain can not perceive what they read, but the soul is sure to hear everything and get their portion of divine grace .