How to quickly distribute new shoes?

Very often we are faced with another problem: Shoes beautiful, quality is quite comfortable. But in some places leg contraction resulting discomfort. How to quickly distribute new shoes? They like you, they've been looking for you, they make you almost everything except some nuances ... How to deal with annoying flaws and "make" shoes "love" your feet? Keep in mind a few tips to follow the recommendations. Note: it is important to use different techniques being careful not to damage the material, do not damage your new shoes and stretch them too much.

Traditional methods for suede and lacquer
If you need to carry shoes in suede, patent leather shoes, use traditional methods.

Break in suede shoes
  1. Take your suede shoes, a few beers and a cotton swab.
  2. Moisten the swab beer.
  3. Gently wipe the inside of your shoes in the place where they are tight.
  4. After the procedure you need shoes break in at least an hour and a half.
Break in patent leather shoes
Masters raznashivaniya shoe claim that the lacquer shoes perfect vodka
  1. Take lacquered shoes, prepare a swab of cotton wool and a little vodka.
  2. Moisten a cotton vodka.
  3. Gently but thoroughly clean vodka places inside shoe where you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Walk in the shoes soaked thus about 1.5 hours.
When wetting the inside of the shoes different compositions, make sure that they do not fall to the surface.

Fast break in leather shoes
Traditional methods for rapid raznashivaniya leather shoes a lot.
  1. Caution.Shoes made ​​of leather do not require such a delicate relationship as a model of suede with lacquered surface. However, caution is needed : do not scratch your shoes , do not drip on the surface was used for raznashivaniya . Moisten and clean shoes only inside!
  2. Alcohol and cologne.You can use alcohol or cologne to quickly distribute new shoes.
  3. Hot water.Conventional hot water too honorably cope with uncomfortable shoes . Just do not use hot water : the moisture should be hot , but not scorching , otherwise you can ruin your shoes , loosen the glue . If discomfort is felt in the heel or toe , the water can be there just to fill . Then wipe with a cloth shoes and diarrhea them moist . They quickly stretched .
  4. Cream.Excellent helps to quickly distribute shoes usual cream.
Remember that the break in shoes to be careful.

Efficient and versatile ways to raznashivaniya shoes
There are techniques raznashivaniya shoes that fit almost any shoe.

Frost Our shoes
You will need a working freezer, compact and reliable package, water.
  1. Take your shoes.
  2. Fill the bag with water and carefully tie.
  3. Once again, check that you tied your package, if he does not pass water.
  4. By placing the bags with water shoes, you can put your shoes in the freezer.
  5. Reach shoes from the freezer and gradually warmed them at room temperature.
  6. Now you can try on shoes and break in.
Use socks
A great way to - break in shoes, pre-wearing thick warm socks.
  1. Take the shoes.
  2. Put on socks and shoes.
  3. Shoes wear in the house, about 1-2 hours.
Remember that when raznashivanii footwear is important not to overdo it.

Professional Way
There are professional ways to help quickly the difference between the new shoes . Some turn to shoe shops . There's masters can stretch shoes to expand them in specific locations carefully and accurately . Uses special formulations , creams , foams and special equipment .

You can carry shoes with professional equipment and yourself.
  1. Get a special foam for raznashivaniya.
  2. Shake the can and remove the cap.
  3. Jet direct it to those places where you shake shoes.
  4. Wear shoes with a toe cap or without wearing them while inside the shoes do not dry completely.
Try to break in the shoe gently . Carefully make sure that your shoes are not spread out more than you need . Please note that footwear made ​​of artificial leather is stretched with difficulty. In no case do not try to stretch the shoes hands , apply a force . Do not use too much hot water. Try not to touch any compositions , except for the special shoe polish to the surface of shoes . Then you will be able to quickly distribute new shoes , without damaging them .