How to distinguish the skin from imitation leather?

Leather products are in great demand in the market due to its characteristics - the ability for a long time to keep warm , wear resistance , good raznashivaemosti . Leather shoes present in the wardrobe of almost everyone , except the " Greenpeace " . Budget leatherette also occupies a niche in the market and is no less popular than the skin , among the poorer segments of the population . But there are unscrupulous manufacturers who sell leatherette under the guise of genuine leather at inflated prices .

Over time crooks perfecting their skills in the production of counterfeit "under the skin".

What is a "compact" skin?
You go to the store famous shoe brand on the shelf and see the cute boots in your size . But you confuse the price , which is a bit not up to the average cost of leather footwear . "Why so cheap? - You ask a sales assistant - This leather ? " The girl replied with a smile : " Pressed " , causing you another barrage of questions , to which she gives a convincing explanation : " It is the same
as the original , but is made by special technology with the use of the press . " Is it really ?
Fact: pressed leather and leatherette - close relatives . Pressed skin is made from the waste left after the manufacture of leather goods. But fasten the waste with the help of synthetic materials - the same that are used in the manufacture of imitation leather . Pressed leather looks very similar to the natural . But it is not breathable , without break in , and products thereof are not more than one season - as well as from imitation leather .

Be careful, particularly when buying shoes.

How to distinguish genuine leather from imitation leather and pressed leather?
  1. Guided by the smell.Natural leather has a distinctive odor, which can not be confused with anything else . Going to the store , grab a small leather item ( glove housekeeper ) and compares it with the smell of things that are going to buy . The disadvantage : a molded skin , this method does not work, because it contains pieces of leather. And some savvy sellers leatherette added flavors of skin , in order to lull customers.
  2. Trial by fire and water.If the source of the fire to bring the product from imitation leather , it immediately begins to melt . A leather item will remain intact. A drop of water that gets on your skin, immediately seep inside, leaving a wet trail. And hitting the leatherette , water slide over the surface and is absorbed. The disadvantage : sales consultants will expose you to the protection of the store , if you try to " ignite " their goods. But a drop of water , most likely no one will pay attention.
    How to distinguish the skin from imitation leather?
  3. Turn inside out.Look at the back of the leather product - what you see? If soft " suede " surface - leather in front of you , and if a simple fabric - pressed leather or leatherette . The disadvantage : some things sewn very firmly and zamyslovato.Chtoby look at the wrong side of this thing , you have to rip her part , which again does not allow sales consultants . And then you will not want to buy the thing you spoiled .
  4. We are looking for a mark.On matters of leather manufacturer must put an icon - a message that it is natural leather products. This label can be compared with the image of an animal skin . The disadvantage : things are homemade and have no icons. A defaulting seller is able to attach a label to a thing from imitation leather .
  5. Saving heat.Take the thing in his hands , cover his hands and hold a few minutes. If it is made of leather, hand-delivered heat will remain in it for a while. If it is pressed leather or leatherette , your palms vspoteyut in the process, and the product itself heated very quickly lose heat. The disadvantage : you need some time to learn the results of this experience, but otherwise it has no weaknesses.
  6. Facial wrinkles.Push down on the skin with your fingers or product bend it to form folds, then release. The folds formed on this skin disappear instantly. This property is, and human skin - when you smile, you have fine lines around the eyes and around the mouth, which disappear once you relax the facial muscles. On the surface kozhzama you will be difficult to get wrinkles. But if it arose - this is a real room, not giving smoothing. The disadvantage: sales consultants can resist your desire to crush and compress the product, so better to make such actions quietly.
So, you have learned to distinguish from genuine leather substitutes.