How to care for nubuck shoes?

Beautiful shoes provides good mood. To correct shoes lasts as long as possible , and had a beautiful appearance , her need to care . Nubuck - very impressive stuff , and shoes from it looks very elegant and fashionable. But like any other material nubuck requires care , with careful daily care. Nubuck - is leather, which is treated in a special way from the front of the special abrasives , thanks to this treatment nubuck bit rough to the touch .

Shoes made of nubuck are not only very beautiful , but warm and durable . However , nubuck does not like moisture , so you can wear the shoes only in dry weather , to run through the puddles in boots nubuck in any case impossible. This material requires special care.

How to care for shoes nubuck?
It's easy if you follow the simple guidelines:
  1. Caring for nubuck shoes should be the first day and it should be done on a daily basis, we should not wait for the moment when the material becomes visibly dirty.
  2. Along with the shoes immediately buy tools with which you will keep
    it clean and tidy : special rubber brush , eraser for suede nubuck , coloring spray, deodorant for shoes, a special water-repellent .
  3. If the shoes are dirty, do not clean it right away.
  4. If you need to wash these shoes , pour into a bowl warm water , add to a drop of ammonia in the solution soak a cloth , wring it. Only then gently wipe dirty place on the shoes , then carefully comb rubber brush pile and let shoes dry well .
  5. In order to have a good clean , dry , dusty shoes, cloth gently clean away all dust and dirt from the soles and sides , and then clean the rubber brush well the entire surface of the shoe. Coat the entire surface of the paint with water-repellent effect . Allow to dry thoroughly .
  6. If your shoes or boots lost their beautiful appearance after a few seasons , they can regain the beauty of using a conventional steam. It is enough to hold shoes over boiling water , and then gently brush pile brush and paint to cover nubuck .
If a shoe treated gently and carefully, it will serve you more than one season.