How to get rid of the squeak of shoes?

Buying another pair of shoes , we are looking forward to as well will look like and how it will be convenient to walk. But it is not always pleased with new shoes after leaving the house. Often it begins to creak . And if that's the surface of the floor - linoleum floor , for example , it does not matter , just get away from this place. But it happens that creaks everywhere and all the time, then nothing but irritation , it does not matter. Sometimes only one boot squeaks , for example, or only the sole or only the skin . But this does not solve the problem .

Generally, the creaking of shoes - is a manufacturing defect and is clearly the reason for returning it to the store warranty.

Shoes can grind if sewed of a defective skin.

If the problem is in the coating, then simply avoid places.

How to get rid of the squeak of shoes?
  1. If squeaking sole.
    • Moisturize the soles.Put a wet cloth shoes, leave it for 8 - 10 hours.
    • Rubbing oil.Heat to high temperature drying oil , castor or vegetable oil , then apply a few dr
      ops on the sole and gently rub . Further, this pair of shoes , leave for 24 hours in a warm , dry place . If you feel a burning sensation when wearing shoes after this procedure , it means you have gone too far with linseed oil . Also in this case helps a 3% solution of acetic acid , it is necessary to wipe the sole.
    • Warming up the sole.Set average power of the dryer , they preheat shoe sole on the outside and inside of a few minutes , but no more than 5. At the same time and within 10 minutes thereafter knead sole. After this lesson your shoes will be softer and more comfortable , and outsole - flexible.
  2. If creaking skin itself.
    • Shoes top grease or a mixture of wax and goose fat in a ratio of 1: 3.
    • Soak the joints warmed shoe wax or castor oil;
  3. If creaks heel.This means that it is poorly recorded, and will not solve the problem yourself, you have to go to a repair shop.
If the shoe squeaks , in most cases it is the fault of the manufacturer , then it does not handle . To avoid such problems , buy shoes only in special shops that provide a guarantee on their product . Buy the shoes well-known companies , which will not spoil his name and reputation , engaged in the production of poor-quality goods . Do not hesitate when buying new shoes to walk through the store to try out .

If you have tried , but the creaking and has not disappeared , it is not to suffer and buy a new pair of shoes . Take care of your shoes , buy special brushes and creams for this timely clean shoes properly store . Gentle care - the key to longevity.