How to make a softer shoes?

New shoes - it's always a joy for which often have to pay their own pain and blood. It sounds scary, but not surprising for those who like elegant shoes. They know very well that beautiful shoes can bring a lot of suffering to endure accounting for fun to show off stylish boats at breakneck heels. Moreover, without any guarantee that in time will stop shoes rubbing. Uncomfortable shoes may be hard for years, if the manufacturer of the material used and / or failed block. And only depends on you, rely on fate, or make your own favorite shoes is softer and more comfortable.

Comfortable shoes - is not only an important condition for a good mood, but also the guarantee of health feet. This should convince you to not endure the inconvenience of hard shoes, and try as quickly as possible to adapt them for the normal, not a traumatic foot wear. And this applies not only bought recently had not yet worn-pair, but not the new, coarse over time. Do not forget also that the timely processing of uncomfortable shoes wi
ll help it last longer and keep the best appearance. But it is necessary to take into account that different shoe models require different approaches. That is impossible to make shoes softer methods suitable for boots.

Ways to mitigate shoes
You can, of course, to cultivate willpower and endlessly to seal blisters and wounds plaster, but better once and for all get rid of the discomfort caused by excessively hard back or side cutouts shoes. Order this procedure at any shoe workshop where craftsmen use special devices and chemicals. Pre-inspect your shoes and will predict how it will be able to stretch and / or mitigated. After that you will only pay the check and after a while to get back their shoes with professional treatment.

But not always possible to refer to specialists . That shop is closed or far from home, and we did not have time to come back to . And not every pair of shoes requires it , often to its processing can be handled independently. So, if you want to save time and / or money , you can try to make a softer shoes with their hands and a few improvised means . How exactly - see below :
  1. In the evening or at the weekend , in a word , when you have enough time , so you can not go out , wear thick wool socks and pull the top of uncomfortable shoes. In such footwear go through the house as long as possible to stretch the shoes. To strengthen and accelerate results socks can soak hot water , then they effectively soften tough shoe leather inside. But in this case it's good press them to flowing water does not spoil the shoes.
  2. Even more rapid and noticeable effect is achieved if instead of water to soak socks alcohol or vodka. Alcohol affects the aggressive shoe materials , evaporates quickly , but it can damage paint and other decorative elements . So use this method very carefully and on a shoe that does not suffer from it .
  3. At night , after the previous procedure , leave knitted socks inside shoes , in addition to filling in their internal volume of the other socks and crumpled paper. All these measures are designed to extend the shoes, stretch it a little material, which will be under pressure softer and more pliable .
  4. Instead of improvised devices socks , newspapers , and other household items , you can look at a shoe store and workshops , special pads . Mainly they are used for shoes and sewing for individual orders , but no one will disturb you to have a couple of houses, to the extent necessary, lightly stretch with the help of tight shoes .
  5. Very hard shoes, heel which is made of thick leather and mercilessly bites into your heel, can be subjected to a hammer blow. Not much, but persistently. Ask your husband or do not take the most extensive and heavy hammer and gently "repel" the hardest place in the shoe. To preserve the decorative surface is better to do it through a soft cloth or paper. Use your fingers to check the results of their work, try to put on shoes, take a few steps and listen to their feelings. The back should be softer, but if that is not enough - again, "fender" procedure.
  6. Footwear Manufacturers offer a variety of related funds intended to care for her . Among them are special creams , foams and sprays for stretching shoes and treating it from the inside. Significantly change the size of the shoes with this makeup you are unlikely to succeed, but to soften the skin is possible. If you combine the use of foam - stretcher with thick socks , it is possible to increase the space for the toes or heels that will automatically make wearing shoes more comfortable .
  7. If the process could not advance shoes , and shod them is required , then rub before going inside the most problematic places hard soap or paraffin candles . This will help you without prejudice to the feet uncomfortable shoes hold on to for a while , for which smeared the surface will absorb the wax and soap or soften . Likewise, you can handle the shoes in places where it is not only shakes , but rubbing the skin. Due to reduced friction slippery substance .
  8. Fans can enjoy physics , using changes in the state of aggregation of water. For this purpose it is necessary to pour in as much as two plastic bags , stow bags in shoes and send all together in the freezer . Freezing water slightly increased in volume and gradually stretch the tight shoes . In addition , some shoe materials are pliable under the influence of low temperatures , you 'll notice , if the winter will walk them down the street .
  9. Indirectly but quite effective way is to wet a large towel or rag thick fabric and wrap them with a shoe box . After some time inside the box Gelling akin to the greenhouse , which naturally soften the material . That may be enough to push shoes stopped . If not - repeat the procedure, or combine it with stretching socks , which afterwards must pass more quickly and efficiently .
  10. Close and tight shoes can stop harvesting if obuvaniem to warm up from the inside by hot air from a hair dryer.
These methods are not suitable for all materials. Most of them are suitable for shoes made of natural leather or suede, in extreme cases - their quality substitutes. As for footwear fabrics, the modern fashion industry uses a variety of them, that is for sure, how to behave at the shoe or that the impact in advance is impossible. If in doubt, and do not want to ever say goodbye to beautiful shoes, carefully read the operating instructions on the box, it must contain all the prohibitions and tips on handling. On bottles with cosmetics for shoes also listed recommendations and contraindications. In any case, remember that healthy feet are much more important than any, even the most expensive and stylish shoes.