How to reduce the size of the shoes?

Tiny feet should be proud for the girl, but in practice they bring a lot of problems. In addition to the external elegance, the small size of his feet - it is also constant problems finding suitable shoes. Especially if we are talking about really minimal number such as 36 or even 35. Shoes of this size can be in the range seen except in children's stores, and most fashionable models for adult women are presented, usually in the range starting from 37 and more . And small size, even if they are provided by the manufacturer, dismantled very quickly.

There are also contingencies associated with the popular today, the virtual shopping. Buying shoes online, you need not only to consider carefully the pictures of her, but be sure to check the size chart. Because your idea of ​​the amount of 36.5 may not correspond to the manufacturer in this regard. And in case you get in the mail box of welcome, but not suitable for foot shoes. To avoid such troubles will advise you to continue to watch not only the number but
also the size of the check along the length of the sole. And this time you can try to reduce the size of the shoe, so as not to return it back to the store.

Reducing the size of shoe
Footwear from natural materials tend to gradually stretched while being worn. Therefore, if a couple of years ago you bought a leather or suede sandals that were perfect, it is not excluded that in the new season, they will shamelessly hang out and jump to his feet. Unfortunately, this is a normal property but leave with a quality shoe just because it has become great, it would be a pity. And if the free shoes can easily wear warm socks and forget about the problem, open shoes, this trick will not. We'll have to find another way to reduce the size of the shoes, and even a half or two. For example, you can use one of these:
  1. The easiest way to reduce the size of the shoe , filling it from the inside extra insole or even several . Depending on the type of shoe , they can be woolen , synthetic or foam . The sneakers will give it more useful and cushioning effect , and ballet flats - will protect the soles from rubbing .
  2. Almost every shoe shop sells small silicone inserts for shoes. They are different in size and shape because intended to be placed in different areas of the foot to the shoe does not slip and do not rub the skin. But in our case, you can not really use them for other purposes , to fill the empty space and thereby reducing the size of the shoe.
  3. If the problem is in excess to the extent and in the length of the shoe , you can remember your childhood natolkat in wool socks or shoes with a soft cloth . Paper is also nice , but soft enough to not rub your fingers : napkin, newspaper , or even a piece of toilet . Unfortunately, this method is only suitable for closed front shoes and did not apply to the sandals and fashionable shoes with cuts on his thumb .
  4. Sometimes to the aid of paradoxical ways in which, in fact, it is forbidden to use the shoes that you want to keep safe. But in this case you can try to act according to the principle of "bad advice" and Wet shoes inside with water from a spray bottle, put it to dry to a radiator or heater. Almost any shoe from such disrespectful treatment and extreme temperatures skukozhilas and will be less. But there is a big risk that this damaged her beautiful face, so use this technique only in extreme cases and be prepared for the unexpected results.
  5. The most radical way , similar to the previous one, but more risky - it's free to put on shoes and lower legs together with them in a basin of water . For a long time does not necessarily hold , but then you need to immediately put the shoes on the battery or dry hair dryer. At least half a size after such manipulation , it will decrease , but what will happen to its surface - you'll see only after complete drying .
  6. Method supermodels who reduces the size of the shoe literally, but at least allows you to walk in it. The secret lies in a strip of double-sided tape stuck to the inside of the sole. It sticks to the bare foot and holds shoes. This trick allows the girls to go on the podium, without losing the shoes, which are not always suited to them in size. Most often, designers provide shoes for hits "with a stock" size that it could definitely get into all the mannequins. The fact that these shoes are often great - this is the problem of models. And how do they solve them, we just told you.
  7. To reduce the size of the clogs, slippers, sandals and other open summer shoes suitable way that it is not necessary to apply yourself. Consult a professional shoe repair shop where strappy sandals neatly separated from the sole and shorten or just pereshyut them closer to the middle. This will make the shoes already and it is firmly sits on your leg. Despite the seeming simplicity and consistency of this procedure, do not try to implement it at home. First, the flash can only be thick sole with a special machine, which is a shoemaker. Second, you may accidentally cut the wrong strap and hopeless ruin shoes. In a pinch, you can not try to sew and glue the top to the bottom of, but the glue is not able to guarantee the necessary strength and durability.
Whichever method you choose, do not give up trying, because improper sock size footwear harms legs and body. It's not so much when the shoe is not small, but rather large, but in both cases unsuitable boots or shoes affect your gait, posture and setting stops. Over time, the cartilage and the bones are deformed, and restore them will be much more difficult and expensive than to correct shoe size. So do not be lazy and do not skimp. And remember that sometimes it is better to give the wrong couple girlfriend or mother, than to suffer it, or keep in a box. This generous act will bring just three positive results will please a loved one, will improve your mood and make room for the new shoes you choose a suitable size.