How to care for lacquered shoes?

Lacquered shoes owes its existence to light American Seth Boyden. He first came up, and soon its patented technology for the treatment of the skin. Since then, on the feet of men and women appeared patent leather shoes, boots, ankle boots, Loafer shoes. Almost every wardrobe contains at least one patent a pair of shoes. Women often wear patent leather shoes in the theater, the cinema or for a walk. Men prefer shoes with glitter when visiting celebrations, such as weddings or banquets. Like every thing, patent shoes requires care. To understand how you need to take care of this type of footwear previously highlighted its main features.

Features lacquered shoes
How is made lacquered shoes ? Initially, the master takes full chrome skin and puts on her coat . This coating gives the chrome leather special properties . It becomes smooth and shiny . As it turns lacquered shoes. However, the beauty comes at a price . Therefore, patent shoes is quite vulnerable.

First of all, lacquered surface is not like either cold
or hot weather. When the thermometer drops below minus 10 degrees , lacquer film on the shoe becomes very fragile and vulnerable . If the outside weather is hot (about 25 degrees and above ), the paint on the shoes melted . This can cause cracks on the surface of the shoes or boots .

Lacquered shoes are very whimsical to weather conditions . She "does not like " no dust, no moisture, no dirt in the streets . In addition, the varnish shoes interferes with normal perspiration of the skin on the feet. Legs, simply , " do not breathe ." Therefore, patent leather shoes or boots often referred to as a festive shoes that wear on special occasions. How to keep the original appearance favorite pair of fashionable shoes or boots cherished ? First of all , you must comply with all the recommendations for skin care .

The main recommendations for the care of lacquered shoes
  1. Once you come home , lacquered shoes must be immediately cleaned from the street dust , sticky dirt . This must be done immediately to harmful factors not destroy lacquer film Shine . Cleaning of plaque patent leather shoes or boots can be a damp cloth , soft sponge or cotton swab . In no case can not be cleaned with a brush shoes . Otherwise, it will damage the surface and the varnish formed scratches and microcracks . After cleaning her shoes should apply specialized tools .
    How to care for lacquered shoes?
  2. All funds for footwear with lacquered surface can be divided into two large groups. The first group will be the ones that you can buy in the store. Quality means to care for lacquered shoes made of water-based. When choosing care products is to abandon combined creams. They often they contain substances that contribute to the destruction of the varnish film. The golden rule when choosing a high-quality facilities for the care of shoes is a thorough study of the composition of its constituent elements.
  3. The second group of tools to clean up the ones that you can cook at home. Initially cleanse shoes from dust and dirt using a standard soap solution . After washing lacquered pair of shoes must be wiped dry with a soft cloth to dry . Next, polish shoes any tissue with a velvety surface.
  4. To shine shoes remained as long as possible , to do the skin " hydrating mask ." The top of the skin can be cleaned periodically soaked in milk soft swab. An excellent nutritional agent is castor or vegetable oil . It is applied to the skin with a thin layer of half an hour extra shine can be wiped with a soft cloth .
  5. To lacquered couple has served his master or mistress as long as possible , it is necessary to properly and promptly take care of it , and to comply with the conditions of storage of shoes. The main rule in storage is the lack of contact painted surfaces of shoes or boots .
  6. If you suspect that you will not wear shoes for a long time , it is best to wrap each shoe or slipper in a separate carrying case or bag . Case can be made , for example, using the old pantyhose. In addition , you can simply lay the paper. It is better not to keep the lacquered shoes in the hallway or in a shoe shelf , where it will accumulate a lot of dust . It is better to remove a couple of times each in a separate box .
Compliance with the rules on maintenance of finished footwear, the use of special tools and careful storage will provide you with an excellent result . You can wear your favorite boots, shoes , boots or boots for a long time , and they sparkle and delight you with their impeccable views.