How to stretch the tops of the boots?

Almost every woman faced with this situation : in the shop she liked boots for fall or winter. There are the right size, but, unfortunately , ankle boots more closely . What to do in such a situation ? Leave a favorite pair of new boots and look ? Or buy new clothes and try to stretch the tops ? Each woman chooses how to do it . If the customer has a pair of boots decides to go the second way and buy her favorite pair, it must know some rules that will allow it to stretch the tops of the boots .

What you need to remember!
Before you buy shoes, you need to pay attention to a few highlights:
  • Bootlegs suede boots stretch almost impossible.
  • Tops of the boots leatherette stretched harder than bootleg leather boots.
  • The maximum you can stretch the tops of 2-3 cm.
How to stretch the tops of the boots: 3 main options.
  1. Call in a shoe shop.The shoe repair shop you quickly and accurately stretch tops of the boots as much as possible. The shoe shop is usually equipped with a special device which blocks the skin is stretch
    ed in the right places . It is worth remembering that the stretching is limited by the presence of the decorations on the boot , and transverse joints and so on.
  2. Buy a special tool for stretching.Manufacturers of shoe care products (Kiwi, Salton, Salamander, Twist) offer to solve the problem with the " stretching " with special sprays or foams . They soften the skin in problem areas for feet . To stretch the shoes , wear thick socks , and apply a means for stretching a distance of 10-15 cm from the shoes. Then you need to like boots in the apartment for a few hours. The process of stretching of shoes in the bootleg can make one or two weeks .
  3. Stretch tops of the boots at home.There are some ways how you can stretch the tops of the boots.
    • A method of stretching the tops of boots with the help of vinegar.To use this method , we need 3% vinegar, as well as means for stretching shoe. On the inner side of the boot , apply vinegar with a cotton swab on the outside - a means for stretching ( above) . After that, put on boots thick woolen socks and walk around the apartment for several hours. This method is suitable only for the demi-season boots without fur and flannel podstezhki .
    • Castor oil for stretch boots.Apply the oil on a cotton swab and treat the surface of the boot in place stretch.
    • A method of stretching with the help of old newspapers and cream.Tamp ankle boot pre old newspapers or rags. Leave the padding inside for complete drying , and then delete it. Do not dry the shoes close to the battery, otherwise there will be bumps on the skin . If you stretch white leather boots , then tamp them plain paper , as newspaper ink can stain shoes. After drying, treat boots shoe polish . One variety of this method is the use of wet socks. Wet warm, thick socks , then put on boots and leave to dry .
    • Iron to stretch the tops of boots.This method of stretch tops for demi-season boots without fur and flannel podstezhki. In addition, it can not be used for lacquered made of kid leather boots. For the procedure will need: an iron or a steam generator, as well as the fabric of the natural material. Wet the fabric so that it is slightly damp. Then good warm cloth iron. On the ironing board put boots so that he was the most stretched. Ideally, this process will produce two. So it is able to achieve the best stretch of his boot tops.
      We cover the boots with a rag and gently steamed thing. Warning , do not touch the surface of the iron to the skin ! After wetting the material , proceed to the stretch tops . All movements should be smooth so as not to damage the pair of shoes . After tamp boots with paper and leave so for 2-3 days.
How to maintain the desired size in the tops of the boots?
Once you have the result , and the tops of his boots have been stretched to the desired size , you must take care to maintain the desired effect. In order to prevent " shrinkage " , and you were able to enjoy a comfortable and beautiful shoes in the next season , it is necessary to observe a number of rules. First, the shoes should be stored in a clean, dry enclosure. Secondly, before sending your favorite pair of boots to wait for next season , good tamp them with paper . These simple rules will help you keep the size of the tops of his boots in the desired size .

Buying a pair of boots in the store, you have to remember that perhaps tops never stretch to the size you want . Therefore it is necessary to be cautious and to adequately assess the possibility of stretching the shoe in each case .