How to quickly distribute new shoes?

A lover of designer shoes do not know firsthand that the shoes are beautiful and comfortable, no middle ground. In fact, quality shoes should be comfortable on the definition - but in every joke, as we know, there is some truth. Sometimes, by mistake or in the hope of a miracle we get a couple of the wrong size. The reasons can be many: from inattention sales assistant to its own unwillingness to vending shoes went to someone else (as a feminine!). But, anyway, the result is the same: to wear tight shoes can not be, unless you have no taste for masochism.

It remains two choices: return not coming up to the store to purchase or try to carry tight shoes . But we understand that the new shoes you really like - so that a refund can not be considered. So, we need to stretch them to a size at which you will be able to wear them.

Stretching and an increase in shoe size: expectations and reality
Female folklore claims that it does not matter what size shoes, if they really like. But in practice such self-sacrifice f
or the sake of aesthetics can cause serious health problems. Tight shoes delivers not only an inconvenience but also damage to the feet. Depending on where in the crush and / or rub your feet shoes, you run the risk of injury of different severity from redness and irritation to the calluses and corns, which becomes chronic, can warp even the cartilage and bones of the feet. So do not expect that the problem will be solved by itself as soon as you remove the uncomfortable shoes. To begin, try to comply with such rules for selecting shoe size when buying:
  1. Plan to buy shoes for the second half of the day: in the morning leg usually narrower than in the evening when they have time after walking a little Patriotic.
  2. The same goes for summer shoes: in the heat of the foot volume increased due to the influx of fluid, keep in mind that, if you get the summer sandals and shoes in advance.
  3. When buying winter shoes Think how thick are socks that you wear for shoes.
  4. Always try on a pair of completely not limited to one shoe , even if in a hurry . Firstly , the legs are slightly different in size - in reality it is not noticeable, but when wearing shoes may be noticeable. Second, try- instance is always a little more raznoshen .
  5. During the first fitting do not rush to remove their shoes - a few minutes walk around the trading room , listen to their feelings . If the feet are not comfortable , and shoes at least a few squeezes the foot or fingers - better give up the purchase.
And yet, in spite of the understanding of the correctness of these councils is not new , there is no woman who has ever in my life have brought home too small shoes. Before the sad sigh, put them on a shelf , try gently stretch new shoes. But know this , that after each operation , back to the store it will not be accepted. In addition, take into account such nuances stretch shoes:
Tight shoesTight shoes
  • Material.Best be stretching natural suede and leather. Artificial materials (artificial leather , textiles and other modern fibers) are much worse stretch and break in . Shoes from straw is easy to stretch , but it is just as easy to lose shape and torn. Rubber shoes only temporarily expands when heated - but after the fall of the temperature always takes the original size .
  • Resolution.In most cases the increase in the length of the shoe size is very difficult, except by a few millimeters.
  • Time.If you distribute new shoes just could not - there is little hope that with time, she still would be freer.
If all this does not stop you and / or shoes are not comfortable with stretching more than half a size, then spread so a new pair is possible. And it is better to entrust the stretching specialists: in the shoe shop there is a special device to increase the size of the shoes and know exactly how to prevent damage to the shoes. When you receive your pair you probably immediately say what result can be expected. The second good way to distribute new shoes: to take advantage of professional tools for stretching, which is in the range of all manufacturers of shoe care products. They are issued in the form of foam or spray for easy application and soften textiles, leather, suede and their substitutes. Shoe Care Quality is not cheap, but it's still cheaper than buying a new pair.

How to stretch the tight shoes
There are cheaper ways to quickly distribute new shoes. But, choosing a budget option, be ready to advance to unpredictable results. At best, the shoes remain tight, at worst - will be broken. Therefore, weigh the pros and cons - it may be better not to risk it and just did not give the right fit younger sister? It will certainly be pleased and you will improve your karma. But if the astral rebirth you do not believe, and part with the beautiful new clothes are not going to take one or more arms of the queue of these folk remedies increase in shoe size:
  1. Take two plastic bags - perfect whole , without the smallest holes . Fill them with water and put the tie firmly in the shoes. Shoes with bags in place in the freezer for 8-10 hours ( eg overnight ) . Freezing water will increase in volume and gradually stretch the shoes. Most likely, it will be wider and longer than not - did you learn in the morning, when the eject ice packs and an example of the cold , but more free shoes.
  2. Take a thick knitted socks and wet them in very hot water . Wear socks , and they try to pull the new shoes . In this form, go home in the evenings or during the weekend - as you can , the longer the better. Hydrated inside shoes hear the pressure and take even greater size than your (due to the thickness of the socks ) .
  3. Take vodka , alcohol- lotion or simply alcohol, diluted with water at a ratio of 1 : 1 . Liberally rub the inner surface of the liquid shoe . Put on cotton socks , and on them - alcohol -soaked shoes , and walk around the house in them . The same recipe can be found in another embodiment, instead of alcohol suggest using vinegar . We do not advise you to such a change because of the sharp smell of acetic .
    Stretching shoes with a hair dryerStretching shoes with a hair dryer
  4. Take a hair dryer and colorless shoe polish . Grease shoes cream to prevent moisture loss and turn the dryer on maximum power ( if there is a concentric nozzle for it - use it ) . Preheat the new shoes inside and outside the flow of hot air and immediately Put on it. Walk around the house , while the shoes are not cool, then repeat the process of heating and stretching, if necessary .
  5. Grab a beer and cotton socks . This method is similar to that described in the third paragraph , but is recommended for suede shoes. Wet shoes inside with plenty of beer , kill it and go through the house . A couple of hours put shoes in a well- ventilated area to dry completely and remove the odor . This method is suitable for lacquered shoes, but use it carefully : make sure that the liquid flows only inside but not on the outer surface of the shoe .
  6. This method is used in the event that new shoes are not too tight so as rubbing . Then take a piece of soap or paraffin candle and rub the shoes in those places , which bring inconveniences - usually a heel edge and straps . To enhance the effect , you can tap into these locations with a hammer - but being careful not to damage the joints and form the backdrop .
One or the other method must be efficient - it depends on the degree of mismatch shoe size, its style and material of which it is made. Do not be surprised that among the described methods you can not find the Board to use wet newspaper. I give it up, even the most devoted fans of the popular methods due to its inefficiency and high risk of soiling shoes ink. Similarly, do not try to try to accelerate the process of stretching and drying of shoes under the battery or heat: in addition to saving time, you get damaged shoes with over-dry or cracked surface. And shoes, dried so rapid method, usually returning to the original size or even more shrivel. For the same reason, never dry on the battery shoes, soaked in the rain. Spoil new shoes self-stretching or improper care much easier than it might seem. And the most zealous owners sometimes try so hard to deliver new shoes, that after all the manipulations it becomes even more than you need.

After completion of each of these procedures, if you believe that new shoes really become freer and more comfortable to wear, do not rush to be with them the image of the whole day. For the first time, choose a time when you can not be like a new thing in a long time: two to three hours, and be sure to grab a band-aid. If the trial is successful, and the process begins to wear shoes to press or rub, then you can safely wear them fully. And do not dissemble, persuading herself that beautiful shoes even shake nice. Health in any case more expensive than any, even the most fashionable and stylish shoes. It's hard not to agree with all the famous heroine of the film, which is to say that it makes women women shoes! But on the add that stunning shoes should be for others but not for you. Therefore, to maintain a reasonable balance between beauty and convenience, gladly wear new shoes suitable size and be beautiful!